Korean food and dairy issues

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's amazing how dogs just seem to know when you want to sleep late. Every single time I've got the morning off the dogs just start barking like mad and won't shut up! I did get to sleep until 9 though so not going to complain too much. :)

I've definitely had a busy day! I've mainly been catching up with housework that's been piling up since last week - when you're busy you really don't notice it at the time, but eventually you just start running out of clean clothes. :D

I'm already doing well with my little plan I made yesterday. I was determined to go for a longer walk than I usually do, and by the time I got back home my RunKeeper told me I had walked 7 kilometres in an hour. I wasn't really going too fast, I was just enjoying the nice weather and getting back into it all. It's just been such a long time since I've actually gone for a proper walk so I knew my muscles would feel a bit stiff.

The weather is a bit funny right now, it's not really cold enough to wear a thick winter coat but too cold to just go out in a normal hoodie. Thankfully I've got my Björkvin hoodie to keep me warm on days like this! I really should invest a bit of money into long sleeved shirts and a thin coat so I could layer it up when I go out.

I really fancied something a bit different for dinner tonight so ended up spending a while on Google to try and find an easy recipe to try out. I ended up going for Korean beef, a really easy and tasty dish to make! :) I didn't have any red chillies and I don't like green onions so substituted them with green peppers, but it was still very delicious! I did kinda miss the chillies in there though, it was lacking that kick chillies would give it. I just drowned my food in sweet chilli sauce to try and compensate... :D

I was really craving something sweet after dinner, but there was so little I could actually eat in the house! I'm so happy my other half loves watermelon, there was a slice of it in the fridge so there was something sweet I could have!

And the reason for me being so restricted with food at the moment is quite simple - I think I'm lactose intolerant. I have very little dairy in my diet and for the past two weeks I've had an unusually large amount of dairy in different forms. And ever since I've had incredible stomach pains in the evenings, it's not exactly hard to connect the two. Lactose intolerance is really common in Finland so I really wouldn't be surprised if I've developed it as well now.

It's just really hard to try and avoid dairy in this country. There's dairy in absolutely everything! If it's not actual milk in the ingredients list, it'll be milk powder. Very frustrating as I need to start scanning ingredient lists when I shop if it really turns out that I can't have dairy. I'm doing a milk-free trial for a week or two and then have a day when I just go for everything possible with milk in it and see what happens.

Gotta say, I'm not really looking forward to that day.

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