Glitter and sparkles everywhere

Monday, December 23, 2013

I officially started my Christmas holiday on Friday (from uni, I'm working all the way through the holidays). And what a way to start it as well! I met up with a very dear friend in London and it was such a brilliant day. The first thing we did was head out for lunch, and I took him to the Juicy Bastard Burger Kitchen run by The Green Man Inn (I went there in October). And I'm pretty happy to say that it was just as delicious as I remembered. It was really busy this time, the pub was filled with workmen and footie parties and at times I could barely hear my friend talking!

There was one thing I noticed though. I actually struggled to finish my burger this time! I've reduced my portion sizes a lot since October so my stomach must've shrunk a bit, but I really didn't want to leave this deliciousness on the plate.

We headed over to Westfields after lunch and oh my god how busy it was! I mean yeah it's the week before Christmas so people are getting their shopping out of the way, but it still amazes me how people just seem to leave it to the last minute every single year.

After wandering around for a while we actually found a shop called The Christmas Cracker Shop. It literally sold what it says on the tin! It was just incredible, we actually found some crackers that cost £100 (and the majority were well over £30). We really wondered who on earth buys that stuff, if I bought crackers worth that much I wouldn't even want to open them!!

The shop was full of fun little knick knacks and accessories too, such as these funky sunglasses! :D Not quite my style, but they were so sparkly and glittery and cute haha! They had some very cool masquerade style masks as well, I was quite tempted to buy one but it was covered in glitter so decided to pass. I've got nothing but bad experiences with glittery clothes and accessories, people can tell where you've been that day because the glitter just rubs off on everything.

Westfield had one amazing thing though - their Christmas lights! They made the supporting beams look like trees and oh my god it was stunning! I can only imagine what it looks like when it's dark. And you can also see an ice rink down there, I really wanted to go skating but my friend wussied out. ;p

Since Friday the weather has truely been quite nasty - strong winds and heavy rain has made it not so pleasant to be outdoors! I dislike rain as I'm rarely fully prepared for it, but it doesn't stop me from going places if I need to. I must say that walking to work in nothing but pumps was rather interesting on Saturday, as my feet got completely soaking wet! I spent my lunch break sitting by a radiator, trying to dry up and keep warm so I don't get ill.

It's getting quite hectic at work now because of Christmas and I find myself running up and down the shop most of the day. It definitely counts as exercise in my books haha! I do enjoy it a lot, it's nice to be the friendly and happy face at the shop and help people make their shopping a bit easier. And as a result I am completely exhausted in the evenings when I get home, I haven't had the energy to do anything in the evenings! I've just curled up with my book lately and have early nights all weekend. 

A very tired Panda on Saturday night.

I decided to defy the elements this morning before work and went for a run. Thankfully the rain wasn't too bad in the morning so I didn't get too wet this time! It did definitely make me go a bit quicker though, I didn't want to get caught by the rain like I did last time I ventured out for a walk in iffy weather.

I'm really looking forward to the day when I can run the entire distance without having to slow down to rest my muscles and catch my breath. I think I can manage about a third to half of the way now, I split the distance into little chunks of running (walk for one song, run for one and so on) so I don't absolutely kill myself. I want to be careful with the amount of stress I put on my body right now, as I'm still only a beginner with running and too much could hurt my back or ankles.

Slowly but surely as they say. :)

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