Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's done! Magazine done, printed, bound, presented and handed in! You will have to wait until it's been graded to see the final outcome, but I think I could show a few pages of it to you lot. ;) It's been printed on this really beautiful textured paper and I used salmon colour wallpaper as the covers, I'm just so very proud of what I've produced and hopefully it'll come back as something else than a pass. I've just worked way too hard for it to get a pass!

For people who aren't familiar with this project, we were asked to create a magazine about homeless people. It could be for or against homeless people, it could be to raise awareness, it could be something you can actually give to the homeless (like a survival guide etc).. Anything at all. I went for a very typography heavy piece about a person's journey from living the good life to losing it all and recovering again. It's been one hell of a project, I'm very tired and just happy that it's over.

As I'm getting so much time to myself for a few weeks, I've decided to be nice to myself and really enjoy it. There's a few things I really want to do and maybe I'll have the time to try something new as well. :)

I want to read more. I figured out that I can download the Kindle app on my tablet and even download my Kindle library on it so I've rediscovered my love for reading! And what makes things even better is that Robert Fabbri's next book about Vespasian (Rome's Fallen Eagle) came out not so long ago (even though the release date is 2nd January I was still able to download it) and I've been burning to get into it properly, but with the deadline I've just had to put it off. Looking forward to late nights snuggled in bed with a book!

Go running. I got to a nice start a few weeks ago and then I had to drop everything in order to get my uni stuff done. I really miss going for a long walk or run, it's just one of those things that clears my head and gets rid of so much stress.

Get back into an exercise routine. I'm talking about resistance training now. I don't quite know what yet, maybe start going to the gym again or maybe do stuff at home. I just need to get back into it desperately as I know my core muscle strength is getting worse.

Sleep! I'm just going to have late mornings and let my body recover.

And of course, might do a bit of shopping as well to treat myself. :) I'm quite getting into the idea of wearing skirts and dresses on a daily basis now, just need to fill my wardrobe with some first! And I definitely need new shoes since I've had to give up on wearing heels, I need some pretty flats to replace all my heels.

And just to try and spread a bit of holiday cheer, a picture my other half took yesterday. I think this will be the amount of holiday spirit I can manage. :D

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