Blue day

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I ordered a few bits and pieces from Sports Direct last week and my parcel finally arrived!

I've been looking for proper running shoes for ages now and I finally found the perfect pair! I seem to be so attracted to bright colours when it comes to exercise clothes and these shoes definitely weren't an exception.

These shoes are the Adidas Kanadia 5 Ladies Trail running shoes. I was looking for "off road" shoes for a reason, as I know these shoes will travel with me to Finland (dirt roads) on a regular basis. My other pair of trainers are very slippery when the tarmac is a bit wet so that's also why I wanted shoes that will really dig into the surface - and they really didn't disappoint me! I took them for a little test run earlier today and they really are a sturdy pair of shoes so to speak. I was out for far too long though, it's never a good idea to go for a 1hr walk/run when you're wearing a brand new pair of shoes..

I was only going to buy the trainers, but then I realised that my exercise trousers won't match with the shoes! First world problems eh? But then again, I'd rather spend my money on exercise clothes than everyday clothes, I just feel far more comfortable when I don't have to wear jeans.

The trousers I bought are the same type of USA Pro trousers I've bought before, although the material seems to be a bit thinner than in the other ones. They've both got a really nice blue waistband and reflectors by the calves, and obviously they look really nice.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was also lacking some sort of a thin exercise jacket I could wear when it's not too cold. I found this really nice USA Pro jacket with adorable thumb holes, I think that was the main reason I bought it! :D It was warm enough in the current weather (+10, slightly windy) and I really liked the fact that it's got pockets in it. It seems like such an obvious thing to have but none of my exercise trousers actually have pockets big enough for my keys and phone!

This'll keep me going for a while! :)

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