A very different Christmas

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I hope you've all had a lovely day today (and yesterday for everyone outside the UK)!

We definitely had quite a different Christmas to what I'm used to. While I'm used to opening presents on Christmas day instead of Christmas eve, the way the rest of the day went was such a nice change to previous years!

I didn't ask for anything (like I haven't done for years now), my other half insisted on getting me little bits and pieces and my brother sent me two presents a few weeks ago as well. I got a foam roller and a handheld massager from my other half and these two babies from my brother! He just knows me way too well. ♥ WoW Monopoly and the Grumpy Cat book, they just scream "NERD!!" to me! :D Put a smile on my face for sure.

And can't wait to be able to test my foam roller as well, I've already looked up some exercise videos on Youtube and I'm just waiting to get half an hour to myself this week so I can start rolling. :)

I tried so hard to eat as little as possible during the morning as I knew we'd be eating loads during dinner, but of course I couldn't resist the chocolates and crisps we had in the kitchen. I do think I was quite good compared to last year, but still could've kept my hands off the stuff! I'm not feeling too bad about it as my overall diet is in check, it's OK to enjoy some junk every now and then. ;)

It hit me as well that it's exactly two years since I started losing weight. If I didn't hit my back and gain all the weight I had lost after the Christmas of 2011, I'd be so skinny and fit by now. Oh well, life's a bitch.

We went for something completely different today and I loved it! We usually have the traditional roast dinner (or if I'm home, the Finnish Christmas meal), but we all wanted to avoid all the hassle and stress it brings and went for Indian! Our local Indian restaurant had a 5-course meal for £17.95 offer and oh my gosh was it worth it!

The meal included a starter, curry, rice, bread and a side. It was a lot of food and none of us actually managed to finish everything! When we order in we never have the starter and we just split one naan bread, now we had one each and we suffered! :D It was so incredibly delicious though, I had a sag roll for starter and chom chom chicken with pilau rice and a peshwari naan as my main. I decided not to order a side as I knew I couldn't finish it at all, so I just ended up pincing a few potatoes from the sag aloo my other half ordered.

It was such a relaxing meal, we had a great time and just talked. It's nice to be able to just sit down and not worry about cooking and clearing up, made us feel like we weren't in a rush at all because there was someone else looking after it all.

Our day did also include visiting my other half's grandparents after dinner, so it's been a very low key Christmas! Exactly what I wanted as I'm not too big on Christmas.

And of course we did need to whip out the Monopoly tonight, would've been a crime not to! Even though three out of people around the game board did struggle a bit with the property names and chance / treasure chest cards, it was just like normal Monopoly. We must've spent at least a good two hours playing, just having a laugh and trying to haggle our way out of deals. ;)

I think the dogs do sum up how we were all feeling by 11pm, it's been a day full of food and laughter and it has worn everyone out pretty well. :) Good night!

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