Wreck this journal!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm finally getting into the final design of our first project. I was really struggling with ideas for such a long time and the stuff I came up with was so boring, that I was ready to give up. Then it just kinda hit me when I was playing games one night (see, it's not a bad hobby!) - I want to make a journal of someone's journey from having it all, slowly losing it, facing the reality of thousands of homeless people and then working their way out of it with the help of a charity worker.

And this idea came from Alice: Madness Returns. It's a really funky version of Alice in Wonderland, basically Alice lost her family in a fire and created Wonderland to keep herself sane. Something is corrputing Wonderland and making it a very f'd up place, getting more and more insane as the story goes on. In the end Alice finds the thing corrupting Wonderland and gets rid of it - maybe the person writing this journal will also discover something similar? Maybe money and luxury isn't what keeps people happy?

I want to make this magazine / booklet as shocking as it can be. It will be aimed at people who think they are safe behind all their money and luxuries, but don't realise how fragile that safety net really is. I'm hoping that it will have a big impact on everyone who reads it.

And as it's a journal, I actually bought a nice journal yesterday so I can completely destroy it and make it look like it's been on the streets for a while (I can then scan it in and retouch it with Photoshop etc). I've done so much to it today - burn it, throw it in dirt, pour tea and coffee all over it, tear the pages, crunch it up, bend the covers, squish some leaves between the pages.... Such a fun thing to do. And a result the pages started looking like a Flake. :D

... it's a bit worrying how I connect something so random to chocolate.

I also noticed a funny thing when I was going out for a walk this morning. My body shape is really starting to change now that I've lost so much weight. I've always been a very curvy hourglass, but lately it looks like I'm turning into a pear. I don't really mind it as I do quite like the pear shape, but then again I wouldn't mind staying an hourglass either. Oh well, it's a win win situation in a way, hah.

My face was far from photogenic in the left side picture, ignore the scribble. ;)

I've recently started following Fitspiration on Facebook. They posted this amazing quote earlier today and it really made me appreciate Jennifer Lawrence even more. As an actress she's quite unknown to me, I don't think I've seen any of her films apart from X-Men: First Class. But as a person she's always fascinated me, she's so down to earth and doesn't make a massive deal out of being famous. But the fact that she wants to be a healthy role model to young girls is just incredible. This is definitely the kind of thin I want to be like - have my head screwed on instead of going absolutely mental and try to achieve the size 0. Looking healthy beats looking skinny any day. Virtual high five Jennifer!

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