Friday, November 08, 2013

I got odd looks from so many people today. I finally found a scarf from my wardrobe so I could keep my poor throat warm in the horrible winter weather, but apparently it made me look like a terrorist or something. Now that I think of it, it's just like Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Looks all mean and vicious but in reality couldn't find a more pathetic little thing.. :D

And I noticed that the scarf smells of horses. Like a really strong smell, even though I can't even remember when I've worn this scarf last time. It was a really odd feeling, I just kept breathing the smell in on my way to uni and just letting my mind wander off to a hobby I used to love so much.

The cafe at uni has started using Christmas cups. And oh my god how much it actually irritates me! We aren't even halfway through November and they're just shoving Christmas down our throats already (pun not intended). I'm not a huge Christmas person in general and it just really annoys me how they've made Christmas such a commercial holiday that everyone is trying to sell their products two months in advance. Argh. 

I really sound like Grinch now, hah. But in all honesty, the original meaning of Christmas is completely irrelevant to me and the general family holiday side of it is just something that has never been that special to me (personal reasons). 

Anyways, moving onto something a bit more positive! ;) I ordered a few bits of clothing a week or so ago and my order finally arrived today! I quite like using Zalando as it's just a general site for several clothing brands, so I can just order everything I want from one website instead of hopping from one site to another.

I ordered four different tops and a really cute leather skater skirt. The skirt does feel a bit short in all fairness, but I'm going to wear it with tights anyways so it won't feel quite as bad that way. And overall I'm just so happy that everything I ordered fits! I made a very brave decision of going for S instead of M with everything and I was worried that I'd have to send stuff back, but turns out I don't. :)

I can't quite decide what this outfit is. It's kinda half pirate and half school girl. A pirate school girl? Is that a thing? I don't know. :D Either way I really like it, it's cute. And so is the owl shirt, I'm obsessed with owls so that shirt is the best thing ever!

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