Look Better Naked

Monday, November 25, 2013

I've been looking for a fitness related challenge for the past week or so. I just feel like I need the motivation boost from something like that to keep me going right now, as I've really struggled for a good while now. Most of the challenges I ran into are quite specific - for example the 30 day <insert muscle group here> challenges are littered across the wonderful world of the internet. But I wanted something more detailed to keep me interested.

I was looking into taking part to one of the DietBet challenges, but the thought of investing a lot of money into something that isn't guaranteed (especially at my stage, where losing weight is becoming quite difficult) just put me off slightly. I mean I might think about the DietBet10 as it gets closer to the start date, but for now that's not something I'm looking into.

Then I found something perfect at work when I was organising our magazine shelves. Women's Health has come up with a 6-week plan called Look Better Naked. It's a very detailed plan that includes both meal and exercise plans. It's only £7.99 and there's nothing bad that can happen as a result of this, so I went and bought it!

It's a lot more than just the plans, it actually talks a lot about nutrition and how to boost your confidence as well. Being comfortable in your own skin has to start from between the ears, it doesn't matter what your body is like if you don't like and appreciate it. It's definitely something I need to work on personally.

The meal plan is absolutely fantastic. All the ingredients you need are very basic, you can get them from any supermarket and won't break your bank. When I was doing Body Revolution I actually ignored the meal plan as it was full of organic and speciality ingredients I couldn't afford to buy or just simply couldn't get from Tesco. And I can quite happily say that I'm feeling full, it's not a plan that forces you to live on leaves. I did have to alter the lunch today as I don't have a lunch box I could take to uni with me and had to make a slight adjustment to dinner as the Co-op around the corner had very limited stock last night, but it was healthy substitutions so I'm happy. :)

Peppermint tea and shredded wheat with bananas and skimmed milk for breakfast

Grilled rump steak, sweet potato mash and peas & sweetcorn for dinner

Very much looking forward to starting with the exercises as well, but that'll have to wait til tomorrow. It's actually only four workouts a week and each workout is less than half an hour, so it's definitely something anyone can manage.

I've definitely got a good feeling about this!

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