In Memoriam

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yesterday was far from a happy day. I had to let go of two very dear pets.

Rest in peace Zak and Enni.

Old age hits all of us eventually. We had been preparing for Zak's departure for a good while now, he was diagnosed with kidney failure not so long ago and we knew that he'd get worse over time. In the past weeks he really lost his spark, he didn't have the energy to come and say hello when we came home and didn't even want to eat. It was a really difficult decision to make and it was a very teary goodbye. He had almost twelve wonderful years with his family, spoilt rotten and we all loved him to bits. He was the one keeping the peace when Coco and Oakley had a fight. He would always come up to you when you were eating an ice cream cone, rest his chin on your knee and wait for you to give him a little bit of it.

And just because losing one family member wasn't enough, my mum told me that she had to put our cat down the very same day. Enni had reached the grand age of eighteen and to put it simply she started losing her marbles. I was four years old when we got her and her sister Iines so having to let go of her was incredibly difficult. When you have a pet from a very young age you just get so attached to them. You kind of grow up with them. 

I'm sure a lot of people won't understand why I'm making a post about two dead pets. I guess you just need to be a pet owner to understand how painful it really is.

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