All kinds of new things (& WI 45: STS + progress check)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

When I got home from work last night I had three parcels waiting for me in our office; my friend's birthday present (a slightly rude thing so I will not post about it :D), new remotes for our TVs (how exciting, right?) and my brand new Skullcandy headphones!

They're gorgeous! ♥ I've had Skullcandy Lowriders before, but my trusty old ones finally gave up after nearly four years of loyal service. Got some pictures of the old ones here. :) These headphones aren't ridiculously expensive but it does tell you something when they last for years instead of a couple of months like all the other headphones I've bought before.

And I coloured my hair as well last night! It did go a bit darker than I wanted but nevermind, it'll fade in a few washes. :) I do like it though, I didn't feel like having a meltdown last night when I saw the result! :D

As I've made it very clear over the past month, I've really struggled with sticking to good eating habits and exercising enough lately and it did really show on the scales this morning. Didn't lose anything and my measurements weren't that brilliant either, but that's just given me more motivation to stick to this two month plan. I've had to take it easy this week because of my ankle, but it seems to have healed again so it'll be full steam ahead again. ;)

Arms: 30cm (30cm)
Bust: 99m (101cm)
Waist: 72,5cm (73,5cm)
Belly: 90,5cm (91cm)
Thighs: 57cm (57,5cm)
Weight: 72kg (72,6kg)

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