50 facts about me

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I've seen these posts in several blogs lately, so I decided to give it a go and see if I can hit 50. :D

1. I grew up in a small town in eastern Finland, relatively close to the Russian border. I'm a farm girl as well, we used to have cows until I was maybe 10 or so. I had a love/hate relationship with my home town. I really loved the countryside as it is so incredibly beautiful and peaceful, but at the same time there's absolutely nothing to do around there. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the town centre and the closest city is an hour away.

2. I've loved photography for as long as I remember. My first own camera was a Canon Ixus 30, then I moved on to Olympus SP-510UZ. While about 99% of the pictures I took with these cameras are absolutely horrible, it was definitely amazing practise and it's always nice to see the progress you've made along the years. ;) After the Olympus I bought my first proper camera, a Nikon D40. I currently own a Nikon D3200 and a AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G ED lens.

3. I study HND Graphics Design. Before this I did a level 3 course in Creative Media. I've been involved with graphics / photography / web design since I was about 11, so it felt like a natural path for me. I'd like to get involved with the games industry once I finish the course.

4. I've had the joy of enjoying the company of eight different pets during my life: six dogs and two cats. Currently we have three miniature Schnauzers running around. I just don't think my life would be quite the same if I didn't get greeted by our dogs every day I come home. They make me happy and insane at the same time and keep me company.

5. I love red hair. If it wasn't such a nightmare to keep nice, I'd still have red hair (having to recolour every two weeks and have the colour run after each shower made me go nuts). I've tried every single shade in the books - dark, bright, purpleish red, pink... While the pink was incredible, I don't think I'd actually do it full time. I did it for a meetup and it was awesome for the weekend, but that's my limit haha. ;) 

6. I come from a family of four - mum, dad and an older brother.

7. My brother got me into gaming when I was little (at the age when I could barely understand English). We have daily geek conversations.

8. I started learning English when I was six years old. We had this 'Learn English' CD at home and I saw my brother mess around on it and I wanted to give it a go. I learned all the basics through it and when dad got us satellite TV I was literally glued to Cartoon Network and MTV. No Finnish subtitles of course so I learned the language so fast. I started using the language on a daily basis when I was maybe 16 when I got into WoW properly.

9. I used to be really into horses and went horse riding with my mum and a couple of friends for years. Then I fell really badly and I started being a bit scared of getting back in the saddle. I do really regret it that I let the fear get the better of me, I'd love to get back into it all.

10. I did an internship at a daycare centre. My original plan was to find a job as an au pair over in England and wanted to get some proper work experience under my belt before doing so. It didn't pan out in the end and I just started studying in England. I did love the job though, working with kids is so amazing because the feedback from them is so direct - you'll know if you're doing your job right or not.

11. I absolutely adore Jillian Michaels. She also scares the life out of me. I don't quite know what I'd do if I met her in real life, I'd really want to hug her but at the same time just run away because I don't want her to bite my head off. :D 

12. I moved to England when I was 18. By far the biggest decision of my life so far, I needed to have the courage to leave my safe life behind and hope that it won't all fall apart. Well, it didn't. :) Been here for 3,5 years now.

13. I'm really scared of the dark. Going into dark rooms is absolutely terrifying for me and I always try to switch the lights on before entering the room. Also going out in the dark on my own is an absolute no. Then again I can't sleep unless the bedroom is pitch black.

14. I'm an atheist. 

15. I've been to Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Holland (+ Finland and UK of course).

16. I really like singing, but I only do it when I'm alone (or have alcohol in my system). I'm very self concious about my voice so I very rarely agree to singing in front of people. 

17. I don't follow the high street fashion at all. I prefer to buy stuff I really like instead of buying the stuff that's "in" and then replacing it two months later when the next big thing comes along. And I don't want to look like everyone else. Oh and I'm really picky with my clothes as well.

18. I barely drink and when I do, I usually stop after a few drinks. I've never been the kind of person to go out just to get drunk and that's probably why I got excluded from a lot of nights out when I was younger. And in all fairness, I still don't get invites to go anywhere. :p

19. I always wear woolen socks when I'm at home. I just have really cold feet and woolen socks are the only thing that keep them warm enough. I even wear them in the middle of the summer. I think I've got like six pairs of these things currently.

20. I have a habit of growing my hair to about shoulder length and then cut it short. I've always done this but this time I'm determined to let my hair grow long. I'm just a really impatient person sometimes so I need the change! Thankfully I think my face is too round for short hair though.

21. When I'm done losing weight I'm going to get my bellybutton pierced. It's the one and only piercing (apart from ears) I've always wanted to get, but I wouldn't really have the guts to go and get it done at this stage. 

22. Secretly I want to be a princess.

23. I'm really stubborn and hate asking for help if I'm stuck. I'd just rather struggle for ages than ask someone to give me a hand with stuff. I've definitely got that from my nan, she was exactly like this as well.

24. I'm really shy around new people and it takes me a while to open up, but when I feel comfortable around people you just don't get me to shut up (or stop giggling..). 

25. Getting into WoW has definitely been one of the best things I've done. I met my other half through the game, I've met a bunch of amazing people and I'm sure some of these friendships will last until the day I die. I've also attended a ton of guild meetings we've organised in the three or so years I've been in my guild.

26. I own three WoW shirts. They're really obvious to the people who play but don't really scream "NERD ALERT" to people who don't.

27. I love white roses.

28. Before coming to England I had never had curry. Now it's my favourite food and I'd probably have it every single day if it wasn't so unhealthy and expensive. :D

29. I really want to go to Chernobyl. I was planning a road trip with my friend a while ago, but we'll see if that ever happens! I just think it'd be so cool to see the place and take pictures, some photo galleries I've seen are breathtaking. Pripyat is absolutely stunning in it's weird, haunted way.

30. I want to travel a lot during my life and experience different cultures. I really think we are destroying our planet at such a fast rate that it might be too late to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth in 20-30 years time.

31. I really suck at small talk. I've never been a conversation starter and unless I actually get to talk to someone who shares my views in everything, I really really feel awkward.

32. I like to step back and just listen if I'm in a bigger group of people. Sometimes I might have a really cool thing to say but because other people are louder than me / speak over others, I just never get a chance to say what I want and then feel annoyed when the moment has passed.

33. I love going to zoos and taking pictures of the animals there. Animal photography in general is absolutely my passion, it's just so much more rewarding than taking pictures of people. And besides, animals won't annoy you with small talk.

34. Coffee is one of the things I need every single day. If I don't get coffee, I get a massive headache and it won't go away for days. I've stopped drinking coffee a few times before and the headaches just really aren't worth it.

35. I have funny little OCD moments all the time. The duvet needs to be a certain way (buttons by your feet, not by the face!), having bubbles outside the bath tub will drive me mad, things have their own place and if they're moved and not put back I get grumpy... The list goes on.

36. Sometimes I feel like I speak and write far better English than some native speakers.

37. I'm a perfectionist. If I start doing something, I want to do it right and well. And it'll frustrate me if things don't go the way I want them to.

38. I love the London tube. 

39. Maths, physics and chemistry are something I really suck at. I get the basics but when it starts getting more complicated and academic, I'm just completely lost. That's why I really like I Fucking Love Science, they explain all this complicated stuff in a way that everyone understands. I'm really interested in science but the way they teach it at school is just completely wrong and in my opinion just puts people off.

40. I prefer to have guys as friends. I've just never been that into gossip, makeup, hair and clothes and there's just less drama with guys in general. And being a gamer I'm so used to hanging out with guys anyways, just feels more natural for me than hanging out in a group of girls.

41. I don't like being late. If I can, I'm always 15 minutes early.

42. German Sheperds are my favourite dogs. My mum has one and ever since I've wanted one of my own. They're just such awesome dogs, so loving and cuddly. And my mum's dog just goes absolutely mad every time I go home, just shows that dogs don't forget who you are even if you only see them once or twice a year. ♥

43. I can't remember having a dream job when I was a kid. I can only guess that it was something along the lines of a vet or a groomer. 

44. My room was literally covered in horse posters from floor to ceiling (including wardrobes, book shelves etc) when I was a kid. I must've had hundreds of posters at one point.

45. I'm more of a dog than a cat person. Cats just laze around all the time and just like to stay out of your way, but dogs just want to be involved all the time, keep you company and give you lots of cuddles.

46. Chocolate is by far my favourite treat. I just can't get enough of the stuff. I think my favourite chocolate is Lindor, the smooth filling is just incredible. If I have dessert at a restaurant, it'll always be a chocolate one. Yum.

47. I'm petrified of calling people I don't know! I actually walked to a hairdresser's once to book an appointment instead of calling them because I was just so scared of calling them. This really sucks as I postpone making very important phone calls because of it.

48. I'm really picky with books. I don't read a lot, but when I finally find a book I like I really don't put it down for ages. 

49. Ancient Roman history fascinates me. I love watching films and reading books (Robert Fabbri's book series about Vespasian is amazing) about it and going to Rome last year was like letting a kid loose in a sweet shop. I'd really love to go back to Rome one day.

50. I'm really loyal to my friends and if I feel like I'm being mistreated I get really upset over it as I feel like I put my heart and soul into maintaining friendships.

That was harder than I thought. I kept browsing through all my picture folders to try and remember little bits and pieces that might be worth mentioning. I did also read through quite a few lists other people have made. :D

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