WI 41: +0.3kg + progress check

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Not bothered about the gain, I've had such a horrible week food wise. :D Two takeaways, chocolate (and way too much of it...), sweets... It's been hard to switch off from last weekend for sure. I'm also really struggling to find the time to exercise at the moment, really need to just put half an hour aside for that every day and stick to it, no matter how busy I am.

Anyways, measurements! Will ramble more later today or tomorrow + pics. :)

Arms: 30cm (31cm)
Bust: 101m (101cm)
Waist: 73,5cm (74cm)
Belly: 91cm (92cm)
Thighs: 57,5cm (57,5cm)
Weight: 72,6kg (73,8kg)

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