They fit!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh my god! Remember how in July I was talking about my target jeans? And how I want to fit them by mid November?

Well screw you fat, I fit in them already! I was actually ordering jeans from H&M last night when I realised that they're in the wardrobe just waiting for me to be thin enough to fit in them. Couldn't resist trying them on and I was just so chuffed that I'm small enough to fit in jeans I wore in '09 (I was 17)! Just the thought of being back to those measurements is just so amazing.

And just looking at that post I made in July, oh my god how thin I am compared to then! I mean obviously, since July's progress check I've lost roughly 3,5 kilos, but I just don't see the progress in the mirror (still!). So glad I take pictures of myself so often.

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