Small rewards

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hooray, after a week of waiting my jeans are finally here! I ordered one pair of jeans and then these very old school corduroy trousers (I do kinda call them jeans though, no clue why). The trousers are just a tiny bit too small for me at the moment but that's fine, just something else to work towards. ;) The jeans are lovely though, I really like the quality of the fabric H&M produces.

I said this like six months ago, but I'm going to say it again. Why the hell are my feet so pale?! They're blending in with our carpets, seriously... :D I look like I've got no feet in the picture on the right. Wonder if I should get spray tan just for my feet haha!

We had an employability / business event today instead of a normal uni day. In a way a bit annoying as we had to be in by 8.45 instead of our usual 13.15 start on Thursdays. I was really expecting it to be a very specific graphics oriented event, but turned out that it was for the entire higher education group (probably 10 or so different groups?). While I was really annoyed that it wasn't really focused on what we are doing, it was quite a nice opportunity to get to know new people. :)

We had to come up with a solution to a modern day problem, try and sell it to potential customers and then do a presentation around the idea. My group came up with Text-a-lyser, a phone app that stops you from drunk texting / calling. We did actually win with our idea, got £10 each for it and all! :D And with that money I got dinner for me and a friend, hah.

And yay outfit pictures! I've had this dress for yeaaaars! It's just always been one of those things that I haven't really been able to wear as it's quite skin hugging, just never really had the figure for it (and I don't really think I do now either, but had a little help from my tights to suck it all in! :D). Think I've worn it about three or four times since I bought it.

It's the same with my coat really, love it to death but I just go too big for it at some point and had to abandon it. It actually got to the point where the buttons kept falling off and I had to replace all of them eventually! Just happy to be able to wear old clothes again, makes all the hard work worth it. :)

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