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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's amazing how your system just gets so confused after eating badly for a while. Your brain just clicks back into that junk mode and it's so incredibly difficult to get out of it again. I mean I haven't been an absolute saint with my diet since January, but I've managed to stick to a healthy diet overall. My birthday weekend just really threw me off the wagon and my brain must've just gone straight back into old habits.

Friday night was seriously horrible. I was craving McDonalds so badly (out of all the takeaways, why did I have to crave the worst one of em all?!) and when I got home I just decided that I need to distract myself somehow. And my solution was to make homemade, healthy burgers. Completely homemade, even put the effort in to make the buns from scratch.

Oh and for people wondering what on earth the jar is in the picture, it's this amazing Nordic condiment called cucumber salad ('kurkkusalaatti' in Finnish). It's pretty much gherkins, mustard seeds and red peppers and it is amazing. My other half always looks at me funny when I talk about it, and in all fairness so does everyone else who isn't from northern Europe. :D

And my other half decided to cook me dinner again on Saturday! It was a very delicious stilton & apple salad with grilled chicken, and just because I had a long day at work I wanted to treat myself to a glass of wine. I don't usually drink wine and when I do, I usually have a bit of Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) with it to make it taste sweeter. I just prefer sweet drinks and dishes, exactly why I always go for a very sweet curry (chom chom or nababi) when we go for Indian.

.... I want a curry now. Balls.

It's my half term week so I get to work all week! I spent most of my Monday scanning cards up in our stock room as we missed some over the weekend. We are doing our Christmas layout at the store and it means that all of our everyday cards are being condensed to make room for the Christmas stuff. Well, people tend to put things back where they feel like instead of putting it back where they put it from, so we ended up missing a ton of cards so I had to go through about ten big boxes of cards. All the stacks were completely messed up so I pretty much had to flick through every single card individually to make sure that there wasn't any odd cards between stacks.

I'm so used to standing up at work all day and my back definitely is used to it by now. Sitting on a table with all my cards in front of me sounded like a brilliant idea and I did the scanning like that for about two hours, but my back started aching so much that I just had to hop down and finish the scanning standing up. Not that I mind of course, bigger calorie burn. ;)

I had a day off today and I definitely got the most out of it. I didn't have a single day off last week so this was so needed! The dogs did make sure I didn't get to sleep for long, but nevermind that. Like I mentioned in the previous post, my friend went shopping with me today. I did feel a bit bad for him though, I only ended up buying two dresses and a hoodie. I did plan on buying a lot more but it's just one of those days when I hate the majority of clothes in every single shop. I wish I'd just like things for once, but NO, I just have to be so ridiculously picky with clothes.

The hoodie was by far the best thing I have bought in ages! I turned a corner and it was just staring at me on the rail. A PANDA HOODIE!! With proper ears and everything! I couldn't leave it there, it's just so cute!

And a sneak peek of one of the dresses I bought. It'll be a part of my Halloween outfit so it'll remain a secret for now. ;) The other dress I bought will either go back to the shop or wait in my wardrobe for a slimmer day, the fabric just doesn't stretch and I'm far too... booby for it at the moment.

I also got the chance to use my Pizza Express voucher today. I have actually never been to one before, I've had the frozen stuff plenty of time but never actually gone in and had a meal there. My friend even said that I've lost my Pizza Express virginity today! :D Another fond memory in the books.

My pizza looks like quite a mess in the picture, but I promise it was delicious! I had Il Padrino, a chicken pizza with roasted tomatoes, chargrilled vegetables on a tomato and pesto base. The veg seemed to be aubergine and yellow & red peppers, could've probably done with a few more veg on it to make it a bit more interesting though. Was also missing a bit more seasoning on the chicken, but it was delicious the way it is.

And to kill a bit of time tonight I will probably browse some online shops and order more clothes. ;)

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