Another amazing weekend

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I was meant to post yesterday but eh, too lazy!

You may also have noticed that I never posted my weigh in either. I did it on Friday morning for obvious reasons, it was a 100g gain but not overly worried about something like that. :p Having a weigh in a few days early is always a bit iffy, but I rather do it before a weekend away than after.. :D I haven't even checked the damage from the weekend, but I think I'm just going to focus on burning it all off.

We stayed in Harrow pretty much the entire weekend (apart from a bit of shopping in London on Sunday). We all arrived quite late so the first thing we all wanted to do was eat something. A few of us gathered up at a pub and the first thing I was given was a double vodka lemonade, which wasn't the best idea seeing I hadn't eaten a thing since 11am that morning. :D Should've bought a snack before I got on the train, but oh well.

We were going to go for curry / Chinese food, but then bumped into this amazing Mediterranean restaurant called Lazeza. They had a huge range of different dishes; salads, steak, mixed grills, pasta, pizza... I'm so obsessed with pesto lately that I went for a yummy chicken pesto pasta, very delicious and proud of myself for not going for the burger (on my friend's plate on the right in the pic!) straight away.

We had some time to kill on Saturday morning as we were waiting for some people to arrive. We had the option of either going to London to do all sorts of touristy stuff there or stay in Harrow to have a look at the old town bit on Harrow's hill. And well, staying away from the huge masses of people sounded like a brilliant idea so we went for the old town. We were warned about a hill but oh my god, that was one hell of a hill! Took us a good 10 minutes just to walk all the way up, but it was definitely worth the climb. The place was absolutely stunning and couldn't ask for a better view of the city! We did trespass on private property for a bit to get a good picture of London but oh well, I was more than happy to get told off to get this picture. :D

My friend was really into the thought of walking through the old graveyard as we started going down the hill again. It was really pretty in all fairness, my photographer instincts started ticking away and I could've pretty happily spent hours in there, just looking for things to photograph. Old gravestones, moss, vines... You could get some really cool material in there.


In a way the lives of me and my friend revolve around coffee. We had a little gap between us coming down from the hill and my other half arriving to London so our instant thought seemed to be "Costa!" .. :D It was such a warm day that I was kinda leaning towards something cold this time instead of a hot cup of coffee, so decided to try this mango & passionfruit cooler they have. It was like.. blitzed fruit in a cup. Very sweet, really yummy and gave me a brain freeze..

As Lazeza was such an amazing place, we didn't need to think long about where to have lunch on Saturday. I struggled a bit this time as I didn't want to have pasta again and nothing really shouted out to me as such, in the end I went for a simple chicken pizza. Not the healthiest thing I could've had but oh well. And I got pressured into having cake as well, hah! I mean sure it was my birthday weekend and I was going to have some kind of cake, but why oh why do they always have chocolate fudge cake on the menus?! Chocolate is my doom, seriously. The cake was incredible but I just kept thinking "oh god this must have over 800 calories...". Sometimes it would be nice to be able to switch off from the losing weight mentality so I could really enjoy good food.

Saturday night was the 'big party night', and time for us girls to dress up! I've got to admit, I felt really self conscious all night. I've just never worn a skin tight dress, I was stressing out over it at our hotel but as I didn't exactly have a backup plan I just had to suck it up and go for it. A few drinks later I did just stop caring though!

It was an evening full of karaoke, food, drinks and generally spending time with some of my dearest friends. It really was just nice to get away from my usual life, just stop worrying about uni and work for a change and just relax!

Oh and I must recommend a pub in London, it's called The Green Man inn @ Edgware Road. Their Juicy Bastard Burger Kitchen makes by far the best burger I have ever eaten! I definitely want to go there again, the portion was perfect and didn't make me feel like I was in a food coma afterwards. Everyone else around the table agreed about it, I have a feeling we will be going there again!

As much as I do love London and spending time with my friends, I was really glad to be heading home on Sunday night. I was just so shattered, this kind of stuff just drains you. It was definitely a good weekend though, thank you all for coming. <3 Can't wait to see these guys again.

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