A couple of twats

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Short day at uni, sun, sea. Definitely what I needed today. We had our afternoon lessons cancelled because of an open evening at the college so I got to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather a little. I've felt quite down for the past few days so getting the chance to go for a long walk on the beach was just so relaxing. Just listening to music and letting your thoughts wander is so therapeutic for me - and as everyone knows, exercise releases endorphins, which in turns makes you feel happier. I'm obviously not ignoring the value of the company of good friends, got a good dose of that today too and the combination of the two has really helped. :)

I've really clicked with one of the people on my uni course and in the six or so weeks we've known each other we've just formed quite an unique friendship. A few weeks ago my friend actually said "I think we get on so well because we're a couple of twats." and I think it really fits! Just being able to enjoy someone's company and not having to worry about them judging you and the things you do is incredible. Not having to pretend to be something you're not is something everyone should be able to do with at least one friend.

As we live quite close to each other, he gives me a lift to and from uni quite frequently. As a thanks I offered to make him lunch today and ended up making pancakes. I should've taken a few pictures but you know, you just get caught up with the conversation sometimes!

So I guess all I want to say is - thank you Chris. :) ♥

I also use music to process everything in my head. It doesn't matter if it's a happy or a sad thing, I do usually associate songs to those events and when I listen to the songs later on I pretty much always go back to those moments and think about them. For example meeting my WoW friends is very tied into Blame It on the Boogie, as it was one of the songs played during our very first meetup and we all learned the little dance you do with the chorus. :D It's not a good meeting without a bit of MJ!

And here's a few songs I've listenend to a lot the past few days. Not going to go into it too much, some songs might only have a very loose connection to everything and some songs have been there just to cheer me up. Enjoy. :)

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