WI 37: -0.6kg + progress check

Sunday, September 15, 2013

In a way I was hoping for a bigger number after last week. But what's done is done, it's still a loss and I'm happy about it. :) Gotta keep it positive. Will definitely push myself harder to reach that 73.2kg benchmark next week.

And as it's progress week, here you go! Will try and get the progress pics up later today (or tomorrow). Quite happy with how they turned out, makes this morning a bit more positive.

Arms: 31cm (31cm)
Bust: 101m (99cm)
Waist: 74cm (74cm)
Belly: 92cm (95cm) !!
Thighs: 57,5cm (59cm) !!
Weight: 73,8kg (74,5kg)

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