So much to do, so little time!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is pretty much what's been dominating my spare time this week. Got a big deadline on Tuesday and this week has just been packed with all sorts of things in general!

We went on a trip to London on Monday to go through museums (V&A, Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern) and we were tasked to create a magazine based on it. Just a small one, I'm only doing eight pages on mine.

The trip itself was absolutely wonderful, I got to spend the entire day with my lovely friends and of course got my exercise in (21k steps!!). Was so nice to get out of the usual uni studio environment and just suck in some inspiration from all the artwork we saw.

I actually only have one picture of myself from the trip. We were asked to take a lot of selfies with all sorts of cool stuff in the background, but I just get very self conscious about doing that in public.. :D Should pester my friends for pictures, I know at least one of em took loads.. :p

And it's not a good trip without a bit of chilling out before going home, is it? ;) We ended up killing time at the Victoria station Wetherspoons before our train left, was a really awesome way to end the day. Unfortunately had to sit on the floor on the train back (yay for commuters going home at 6pm..) but oh well. Wasn't too bad as the company was great. ♥

I pretty much spent all of Tuesday building the magazine. We only had four hours to do the entire thing and mine ended up being really rushed and I HATED IT. It also reflected on the feedback I got on it, didn't mind it at all as it was things I noticed as well. And well, I printed it all out this morning and started ripping it to shreds! Quite therapeutic to just trash your own work and improve it afterwards. Rather happy with the second version of it, now all I need is to print it out so I can have a better look at it. It just doesn't quite look the same on the computer.

Exercise wise it's been quiet so far. Our schedules are just clashing so much at the moment so gymming has been pushed aside a bit unfortunately, so trying to compensate for it by going for walks whenever I can. Right now it's mainly just Thursday and Friday mornings before I go to uni, as I've really got so little spare time in the evenings. Also gets dark really quickly now, such a shame as I'd like to use up some of my evenings by walking. Maybe I just need to fire up Body Revolution again. Hmm.

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