So much food!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I've started being really religious about tracking everything I eat and drink again. I just realised that I simply wasn't eating enough, some days I wouldn't even hit the 1200 kcal mark with the food I was consuming. I thought that I really need to start tracking it again, just to make sure that I'm eating enough in comparison to the amount of exercise I'm getting in.

And I've synced my UP app with MyFitnessPal now, as MFP takes the activity data from UP and moves it into it's own database. It then recalculates how many calories I still need to hit my budget (you can of course add your exercise to MFP manually but I just let my UP deal with that). As I only sync my UP band with the app roughly twice a day, I might think that "oh I haven't  exercised enough today for MFP to take it into account, I can stick to my 1380 calories today" and then later on in the day after syncing MFP just throws a new number at me. I seriously feel like I'm eating like a horse at the moment. I just don't feel hungry after having lunch and dinner, so eating some snacks just to hit my calories is such a task for me. I mean sure, I could go for more calorie dense options at lunch and dinner, but I'm far too concious about the fat, sugar and salt in everything to do that on a regular basis.

Just look at this! I tracked my dinner like usual and was all happy about myself, just thinking that I only need about 300 calories to hit my budget. Then I synced my UP with the app and MFP fetched that data instantly. Well, my calorie budget has gone up by 300 calories. Now I need to figure out what to eat to consume another 637 calories tonight. I honestly feel like I'm eating way too much right now, but I'm really trying to git the budget this week to see, if that changes anything for my weekly weigh in. I've been under my budget for a very long time and my body is probably preparing to plateau because of it, so I feel like it's really important to mix things up and see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, it's been another productive day for me. Despite only needing to be at uni 13:15 today, I got up before 8am (without an alarm clock!), did some housework, watched Biggest Loser and went for a lovely, chilled walk. It's been quite a gray day today, but there was just something so stunning about it. In a way it just made the sea look like it wasn't even there and made everything look nearly black and white. I swear I have not retouched this pic at all, that's just how gray it really was today! You can really tell that it's finally the end of summer over here, which in all honesty I'm happy about. :) We had a wonderful, long and warm summer so it's about time for autumn to make it's way in.

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