Im a hair stylist now

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well ok maybe not. I just got bored tonight and started messing around with my hair, mainly with my birthday party in mind. Me and my friend decided that we want to have another theme party this year and she suggested rock chick - well that's more than fine by me!

I've already sorted out the clothes, may need a few accessories for it all to make it a bit more colourful, but that can wait for a bit. I'm not a very skilled hair stylist and I barely do my hair at all during the week so I wanted something very simple and that doesn't require hours of hard work and tons of different equipment.

Well, this is what I managed! Also new hair colour, yay. They've finally started selling the exact colour I've been after for aaaaages, a very dark natural red hair colour. I know the pics are a bit dark, but this gives a better idea of what the colour should look like. Not quite as red, but hopefully in a few colours it'll be. :)

And just for comparison, here's a picture I took in April (the pic on the right, the one on the left is from last year). My face has shaped up very nicely since then, I don't look quite as swollen as I did and those weird bumps on my neck have disappeared too. Yay for visible progress! :)

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  1. Try editing your hair color in Photoshop! Tons of fun!

  2. WAU! Ton vikan kuvan punainen tukka on kyl ihan mahdottoman cool!


    1. Kiitos! Miekin tykkäsin siitä ihan hirveesti, mutta se haalistu aina niin nopeesti että en jaksanu sitä jatkuvaa värjäysrumbaa. :(