Bring it on autumn!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I've been meaning to go shopping all week now, but with me working two days a week and being at uni four days, I just don't seem to find the time to do it. So pinched an hour of my Sunday to finally get it done.

I do handle the cold weather pretty well, I mean most winters I'd just wear a top and a coat and be absolutely fine (and get very odd looks from everyone when I take my coat off :D), but our uni studio has this air circulation system (instead of air con) that just sucks the outside air in and takes the stale inside air out. And believe me, it gets quite chilly in there because of it.. So I have now had to accept the fact that my thick Scandinavian skin can't handle it and buy some jumpers!

I do most my clothes shopping in New Look. Even though the usual high street shops stock similar looking clothing, I've just found the New Look selection most varied and most pleasing to my eye. I do have quite a grungy / rocky taste in clothes and this shop caters to my needs nine times out of ten.

But yeah. Three long sleeved jumpers and a top I just liked the look of. I love the black one, it kinda looks like chainmail. :D I also got myself two pairs of shoes! In general I absolutely hate buying shoes (and clothes to be fair), I never like anything and the selection is just so small despite having probably hundreds of different types of shoes in the shop. I found the All-Star knock offs (and they're leather instead of fabric, yay!) pretty easily, but I also wanted new ankle boots to replace my old ones. It took me absolutely forever to find ones I liked. But I did it! *happy dance* Hopefully these will last a bit longer than my previous ones, I'd rather not go shopping more than once every six months..

I really seem to be between sizes at the moment as well. 12 is far too big for me, 10 seems OK unless it's a tight fit (in that case it really won't go over my chest..) and 8 is too small. Anyone want some boob fat, giving it out for free. :D

And progress pics to finish this post. :) Getting there slowly but surely. The difference to January is quite incredible, proud of myself for getting this far.

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