Back to routines

This is going to be a long one. I've had a few days where I've had something happen I want to talk about but on it's own it's been a bit too lame so I've just delayed posting it.

I've spent a lot of time watching Biggest Loser for the past week. Some of the seasons are up on Youtube so it's been a very convenient way of watching it all. While I don't necessarily agree with the insanely quick pace of weight loss the contestants have to pull out, the show itself is highly motivating. Especially with this season, one of the contestants said "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.". And you know, it's so true.

I keep seeing articles about old Biggest Loser contestants, who have gained the weight back after the show. They are made to sound like the scum of the earth because they have "failed", but this show doesn't really address the mental issues people might have in relation to food and exercise. The show itself is filmed in three months, that's not a very long time to actually adjust to the new lifestyle and stick to it. And you are away from all the temptations you face in the real world, you don't have Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper staring you down and screaming at you when you feel like quitting and you are back with the people who allow you to eat the way you used to.

I mean, some people might just simply be addicted to food, eat because of boredom, comfort eat... The mental cycle is very hard to break sometimes. I think it's just so easy for everyone to judge these people when they do gain the weight back.

My knee hasn't been brilliant either. I go through little moments where I just twist my knee slightly and the pain shoots right back, but after a while it feels perfectly fine and I can use it like normal. I even jogged a bit the other night, it was so very satisfying to be able to jog half the way of my usual beach route and not feel like I'm going to die. And it's the best feeling in the world to realise that your back can handle the jogging! Only a few months ago I would stop after a few minutes because the impact would just shatter my back, but not this time. My head was in charge of the speed, not my back.

You really can tell we are coming to the end of the summer. It gets fairly dark by 8pm now so I need to reschedule my walks so I don't get caught by the darkness every night. I just like to be a bit careful if I'm out on my own, especially since Bognor isn't exactly a crime free place to live in. The area I live in is really quiet and nice, but I do walk through the more dodgy areas and I'd rather not go there when it's dark.

It was the first day of uni yesterday! Very excited to get started with everything. My course is very tiny, it's only eight people in total - and I'm the only girl! That doesn't really bother me in all fairness, I've always preferred the company of guys and even in college I just spent my time with the guys (+ one girl out of probably ten).

I quite like it that there's not that many of us, you get a lot more personal with your tutors and you get more face to face time with them, which in my eyes will only improve your work. It'll also feel a lot more relaxed in general. Our first day was very far from productive and mature, though! :D One of our big themes is going to be homelessness, and our tutor got us to build houses out of cardboard. While the other two groups went for the more modest options, my group went all out with it! It was so much fun and we got to destroy our houses at the end of it all. I decided to hold back a bit because I didn't think jumping on the house with my back would be the best idea in the world, but the guys went all out with it haha!

I'm going to spend most of today finishing up all my summer tasks, our tutor was kind enough to give us an extra day for it all. I'm going to redo all my filming as I hated what I filmed last week and hopefully get it all edited and ready to go by Thursday. Also going to sort out my work hours today, yay!


  1. Asiaa! Ittekkin oon seuraillu kyseistä ohjelmaa monta tuottaria ja kyllä huomaa että harvat edellisten kausien kilpailijat esiintyy uudemmilla kausilla, ja nekin joita siellä näkee, ovat keränneet painoa takasin. Toivoisin että ohjelmassa keskityttäisiin enemmän ruokajuttuihin, kun tällä hetkellä annetaan se kuva, että liikunta ratkaisee kaiken. Joo, eihän ne jenkit ole mitään keittiöihmeitä sen ruokakulttiuurinsa kanssa mutta silti..

    Ittelläkin on ollut elämäntaparemontti menossa, ja vaikka nykyään elän tosi terveellisesti niin kyllä tää totuttelu on vienyt aikaa. Ei kukaan pysty muuttamaan elämäänsä muutamassa kuukaudessa pysyvästi - varsinkaan tolla tavalla eristyksissä valvonnan alla.

    Tsemppiä sulle! Sä ainakin olet paneutunut asiaan ja tiedät mitä tehdä :)

    1. Aivan! Kyllähän me kaikki laihdutaan, jos kaikki häiriötekijät otetaan pois ja melkeinpä koko päivä on aikataulutettua ja joku muu tulee kertomaan sulle että mitä tehdä ja syödä.

      Miulla meni kyl tosi pitkään totutella siihen uuteen ruokailurytmiin ja -tapoihin. Olin niin tottunu siihen, että nälän tullessa voi vaan äkkiä napata jonkun muffinsin tai pienen pussin sipsejä kahvin kanssa kun se oli niin helppoa. Ruuanlaitto on kyl ollu aina niin mieluista ajanvietettä miulle, että kun alottaa ni sitä sit mielellään kokkailee joka ruuan itelle vaikka kuin laiskottas aluksi. :) Tekisin niin mielelläni isot satsit ruokaa kerralla jääkaappiin, mutta neljän ihmisen ruuat jääkaapissa vie niin paljon tilaa (ja muut käy syömässä mun ruuat! :D), että tää urakka saa odotella oman kämpän hankkimista.

      Tsemppiä sinnekin!