A teenage dirtbag

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another back in time style post, yay! The pictures in the post are just some random old ones I've kept in my folders, don't really know when they were taken (just to pinpoint how old I was in them).

Ever since they started advertising the Teenage Dirtbags- album on TV, I've been getting flashbacks about my childhood / teenage years. It's like the people who put this album together snuck inside my head one night when I was asleep and just pulled all these songs out. I've never related so strongly to any piece of music before, just seeing the advert on TV just makes me all excited every single time because all these things just keep coming back to me.

Out of 44 songs, I know about half. The other half I was able to recognise after a few beats, but I was never able to match the artist with the song before. Had quite a few "Oooooooh it's THIS!" moments when I was listening through the songs. :D

Some of the songs or artists go back to as far as 1999 (Goldfinger - Superman through Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) and 2001 (The Rasmus in general, especially after their album Into came out). That's a long long time. I started getting into all this kind of music when I was 8 years old, making me feel like a dinosaur now..!! I mean obviously I wasn't like a full on rock chick at that age, but that type of music has definitely always been a part of my life.

And the rest of the songs I pretty much found through MTV. I mean, the good old MTV that actually played music all day instead of showing all this reality show crap they push out nowadays. For example Marilyn Manson isn't exactly something I listen to on a daily basis, but back then I just fell in love with Tainted Love and ever since it's just been so tied into those childhood memories. Same with The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang, I'm not exactly impressed with their music in general (and I think the singer can't really even sing), but it's just the nostalgia of the song.

I think Evanescence was the band that actually gave me the final push towards rock and metal. Fallen was the first metal album I bought and it's been downhill ever since! :D I'm really surprised that Green Day's American Idiot isn't on this album though, for me that was a very big song and they've been around for such a long time that they really should've recieved that kind of recognition. Oh well!

This is the music I grew up with and in my honest opinion it's about a million times better than the god awful shite we get on the radio nowadays. I mean I've even avoided all the Miley Cyrus drama like the plague, just to maintain my sanity. Nowadays it seems like that you don't really get famous by having talent, it just comes down to doing something completely spasticated or getting involved with drugs and hitting the headlines that way.

It's sad that people like that act as role models to teenagers. I mean sure, we still had people like Britney and Christina Aguilera when I was growing up, but it just seems to be the norm nowadays to compete over who's got the most revealing outfit or who can pull the most tabloid space with some idiotic PR stunt. Despite a lot of people working on giving people healthier rolemodels, I think we will see celebrities like that for a very long time.

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