WI 33: -1.5kg + progress check

Sunday, August 18, 2013

So happy! Only 500g away from the 10kg benchmark now!  Other than that it seems to have been a slow month progress wise, but then again any positive progress is good enough for me. :) I'm hoping that going to the gym is the thing that's been speeding the weight loss, because that'll surely motivate me to go and work out every single week.

And change to last month:

Arms: 31cm (32,5cm)
Bust: 99m (99,5cm)
Waist: 74cm (74,5cm)
Belly: 95cm (95,5cm)
Thighs: 59cm (58cm)
Weight: 74,5kg (75,8kg)

Pics tomorrow. :)

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