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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A very uni filled day again. Been fighting with one of the tasks pretty much all day and I am finally getting somewhere! This task was about a person in either film, graphics of typography who has had a big influence on the medium. We were assigned to design a "hero page" for them and write a little something about the person. I've seriously struggled with inspiration, I'm still not exactly happy with what I've done but at least I've still got three weeks to perfect everything. I chose Angelina Jolie for this task for various reasons - she has had an incredibly succesful career in film (she has proved that you don't need to be an Arnie to be good at action films), she is an U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and she has raised breast cancer awareness by having double masectomy done earlier this year. She is an absolute inspiration.

I am very self critical, as you can see from the rubbish pile and all the markings in the current version of the design... :)

As I was so busy with my design task, I kept lunch very simple again. Spaghetti, tomatoes, basil, a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper, a heaped teaspoon of creme fraiche and an egg mixed in with the spaghetti for a bit of protein (what I do is I pour the water out of the pan, crack the egg in there and mix until the spaghetti is kinda evenly coated with the egg and the egg has cooked). It was so filling that I didn't actually feel hungry at dinner time!

Everything was a bit delayed tonight. We only went to the gym at seven and had dinner around 8.30pm. Didn't really bother me as I honestly wasn't hungry in the slightest, but I thought that it's better to eat something.. ;)

Anyways, arm and shoulder day at gym tonight. Just ended up pottering around on a few machines, a bit of ab work with a single dumbbell (side bend 10x3 with 5kg for both sides) and bicep curls (15x1 and 10x1 with 3kg and 5x1 with 5kg for both arms) to finish off the weight side of the workout. Also did ten minutes on the stepper to finish off the workout + stretching at the end.

Was rather busy at the gym tonight so you'll just have to settle for the usual outfit / progressish pics.

Dinner! My other half requested for something "big" for dinner and then mentioned pasta to me. As I wasn't hungry and already had pasta for lunch, I just made myself a delicious chicken salad. The other half had pasta with chicken and bacon + peas & sweetcorn mix. My plate consisted of lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, red peppers, a teaspoon of pesto on the lettuce as a dressing, chicken and peas & sweetcorn mix. I ended up eating quite a bit despite thinking that I wasn't hungry! Oh well.

Also for extra protein, a handful of walnuts for "dessert". I don't know what it is with walnuts, but I just love the taste of them! The initial taste you get when you put them in your mouth is kinda cardboardy, but after a while you just get this amazing creamy taste. I could probably eat an entire bag of walnuts in one go.. At least I'm thinking like that about walnuts instead of chocolate or sweets!

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