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Friday, August 23, 2013

Apologies for the long gap between posts. Real life has it's ways of interfering with things. :)

I've really been able to find some kind of serenity by the sea in the middle of everything that's been going on. I've just automatically gone to the beach instead of somewhere else when I've gone for a walk. It's just so beautiful and quiet over there.


Gym wise it's been a very normal week, I've still had the drive to go and work out like usual, to blow off some steam and such. Upper body workout on Wednesday, legs today (more about that later). It's wonderful to just zone out, listen to your favourite music and focus on beating the living crap out of yourself with exercise. Funnily it also gives a lot of room to think about what's going on in your life.

But less about that, thankfully it's all been resolved and I can carry on being my usual happy self. :) Today has been incredibly productive exercise wise. I walked over to my friend's flat in the morning, spent a while there to catch up and we then headed over to town for some lunch. There's this wonderful little cafe in town, I've never actually been to it before but my friend fancied a full English so we decided to pop in (they do all day full English). Very cheap, you get a lot of food for what you pay for and it was delicious! I didn't quite feel like eating something as heavy as my friend so I went for a cajun chicken wrap. I honestly assumed it would just be the wrap and maybe a tiny bit of salad on the side, but the plate was huge! All that for £5.20, honestly not bad at all! I didn't actually touch the salad, it was very rubbery. Also only had about half of my chips, that wrap was so filling.

We also bumped into a funfair on the seafront today! I wanted to just go and chill on the beach after lunch as I knew I'd be walking home, didn't want to walk with a full stomach so figured that the beach would be the best option. But what we ended up getting was loud (and awful) music and all these rides scattered along the promenade. It was kinda cute though, if I had some spare change on me I probably would've gone for a spin on a ride or two. :D

My friend was planning on staying in town but ended up walking back with me. It's amazing to spend a day with someone you really care about, we never have a dull moment together and he really makes me laugh, nearly to the point of me wetting myself (ok maybe don't take that so literally)! All this walking added up to 12,000 by the time I got home!! I was so chuffed with myself, I bet my legs won't agree in the morning though...

I've had a bit of a hair crisis for a while now. The colour just didn't turn out to be as even as I wanted it when I coloured last time (a month ago?), my fringe ended up being two shades darker than the rest and I had this layer of red mixed in with the brunette. So I had a master plan of buying hair colour stripper and a hair colour a few shades lighter than what I have currently. The stripper worked wonders like it always has before, but unfortunately I didn't have time to add the new colour (and I also ran out of hot water...) before going to the gym. So I went to the gym looking like a carrot!! Was a bit embarrassed, but had no other option than to suck it up and focus on my workout instead of worrying about my hair. :p

But yeah, gym! The usual leg set really: warmup on the treadmill for ten minutes, then straight off to the leg press. I was very pleased with myself, I upped the weight and managed to clear 50kg - 50kg - 60kg today! Before I've gone for 40kg - 40kg - 50kg and I'm very happy about my progress. We've only been going to the gym for 3-4 weeks so more than pleased. Also did sumo squats with a 8kg kettlebell, side lunges with 4kg dumbbells, bridges (two sets with one leg down, then last set with both legs down but with very long holds during reps), bicycle crunches and 15 minutes on the stepper to squeeze out any remaining juices out of my legs. Really happy with my workout today, more of this please!

We did a late workout again so only got back home around 8pm, dinner roughly half an hour later. I was absolutely starving by the time we left the gym so I really just wanted something quick and easy. Ended up going for chicken pasta with orange peppers, peas and sweetcorn. A bit of creaminess with sour cream and of course a ton of seasoning. And just to get some extra protein, a handful of walnuts again.

I also did my hair after coming home. The box I bought was named something along the lines of dark blonde, but I ended up washing the colour off after 10 minutes because it simply looked like it was going ridiculously dark. I'm glad I didn't let it sit in my hair for the full duration, I'd probably have black hair.. It is very similar to what my hair was before, only a more ashy tone. A bit gutted that I spent all that money and put so much time into it all again only to have nearly identical outcome. Meh!

Oh and just because I'm happy about these readings, a bit of UP data: 16,395 steps, active calorie burn 841kcal, total burn 2,109 kcal. :)

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