Quick Jawbone UP overview

Monday, August 05, 2013

It arrived today! Such a long delivery window, I placed the order on 26th July and it only arrived today. I'm so used to quick delivery on everything so having to wait for a while really got on my nerves. The actual Jawbone website was either out of stock or just malfunctioning so had to order through Amazon, which I didn't really mind as Amazon turned out to be slightly cheaper anyways.

To quickly explain what the Jawbone UP is. It's this fitness bracelet that tracks your steps, calories burnt and most importantly, your sleep. It's designed to be worn 24/7, you can even wear it while showering but they do recommend you to take it off if you go swimming. It's got a lot of different functions you can access through their free app (downloadable for both Android and Apple). The bracelet itself only has a small LED display that shows the status of the bracelet (for example if it's in active or sleep mode, if the battery is running low etc.), so this means that you need to plug it to your phone to read the data it has been collecting. You use the 3.5mm jack that's hidden under the silver cap to plug into your phone.

There's one huge downside to this thing. It doesn't work with my HTC One X. Extremely gutted about that, I'm having to use my other half's iPhone to sync the data. Jawbone's website says that it should be compatible with Androids, but of course this is one of the very few models it doesn't work with. It also doesn't have a tablet version of the app currently, but hopefully that'll change soon enough.

I'm really looking forward to the sleep function. I'm even considering having an early night just so I can start testing it out! It has a smart alarm system, which means that it will quietly vibrate when the bracelet detects you being in a light sleep state (opposed to being in a deep sleep phase). The logic behind this is that you will feel more awake when the alarm goes off, as you haven't been in a deep sleep state. You simply set your normal alarm through the app and the bracelet will then wake you up at an optimal point before the set alarm. I am of course very sceptical that I will even wake up to the vibrate, but we'll see!

I even whipped out my camera for this! My phone really produced some god awful quality pictures and they really didn't do the bracelet any justice. I will hopefully have a more detailed review of this bracelet in about a week's time, once I've had a bit more time to play around with it and get used to it + get more data to analyse. :)

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