Pizza Friday

Friday, August 09, 2013

For the past few days I've been really busy with my uni stuff. I need to do some prepwork for the course (learn the software, do tasks etc) and read nine books. Well, I've started browsing the books and sort of read bits and pieces here and there and I've already done a few of the tasks. I'm so happy to have the next two years of my life planned and steady, giving me a bit more stability and hopefully at the end of it have a job in my own field. :)

I was actually so tied up with it all today that I didn't realise to have lunch until 1pm. In a way it felt really good, I haven't been this focused on anything for a very long time. I love just losing track of time when doing something I enjoy, getting stuff done and seeing results I've worked hard for. I could say exercise is one of these things, I can just go for a walk and get so carried away I end up being out for a lot longer than I intended. Getting into fitness / losing weight is definitely going to help me with studying as I've got a ton of determination I used to lack during college.

But yeah, a quick fish finger sandwich (with a small dollop of mayo, cucumber and beetroot) for lunch and I decided to give my brain a break from all that thinking. Quick change of clothes and off I went for a walk, with an added bonus of seeing my friend. :) I think everyone needs at least one good friend in their life, someone to just spend time with and be silly. We just sat at the beach today, throwing rocks at random bits of rubbish on the beach. I have awful aim, don't think I hit anything more than once haha!

Today was going to be a gym day for us, but unfortunately my other half had a very long day at work so he didn't even come home until 20.30pm. In a way I'm glad we didn't go tonight, my legs are STILL sore from the leg workout I did at home and it'd be a leg day for me at the gym as I did arms and core on Wednesday. I was thinking of doing a workout from a dvd tonight instead but I'm just too full of pizza at the moment to even think of working out haha! So yeah, made pizza for dinner tonight. I knew my other half would want something very filling and big after a long day of work, so whipped up a very yummy chicken pizza with a wholemeal base. I love making pizza but I've never actually made it with chicken before! Was just a simple mix of chicken, tinned tomatoes, onions and green peppers + grated cheddar on top. It turned out absolutely incredible, quite sweet because of the peppers but I was more than OK with that!

And as a little treat, my father in law got me a Flake bar. :) I love these things, the texture of it makes you think you're eating a lot of chocolate but it's just 170 calories for the whole thing, whereas you'd probably be eating twice the amount of calories in a normal chocolate bar this size. Satisfies my need for chocolate. :D

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