Oh my legs..

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Yeah, last night's workout definitely did it's job. Sore leg muscles and stairs just don't mix well... :D Everything has been a bit of a challenge today!

I wanted to see if going for a gentle walk would open up my muscles a bit more and make the soreness better. It did actually work quite well, granted I was still very sore after the walk but I felt better! Now, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, I love it that the workout actually affected my legs the way it should!

As we didn't go to the gym last night, my other half was very excited about going tonight! I focused on my arms tonight to give my poor legs a bit of a rest and it really sank in well! Towards the end I had to do shorter sets (at the start I could do 10-10-10 but the last set was 10-5-7) as my arms were just so drained out, but I'm very proud of myself for giving it all I got! I also did some core work to strengthen my abs and back muscles. This paired up with 10 minutes on the treadmill start and finish as warmup and cooldown. I'm gonna sleep well tonight.

And now to get all you readers involved! I'd quite like to do a special post about some random thing, please do comment on this post with your ideas! Can be about anything life related (as long as it's you know, within good taste), I will pick the best idea and make a post in the next few days. :) Anonymous commenting is enabled.

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