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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I started thinking about a possible interview situation last night. I've applied for a part time job at this big health food & supplement store and I just created a small scenario in my head - what could they ask me, how I would respond and so on.

And it really got me thinking about my reasons behind applying for such a job. Ever since starting my own weight loss journey back in January, I've started valuing the healthy lifestyle a lot more. I think it's incredible that we have a store we can just walk into and ask for advice and find products to support the lifestyle we have picked for ourselves. It's great that the high street acknowledges the fact that people are getting more and more unfit and tries to prevent it going any further.

More and more I find myself writing essays to people who are asking for weight loss / exercise advice. I'm just so happy to share my knowledge with people who don't quite know what to do or just want to improve the way they are doing things. I mean I'm not an expert with all this stuff, but I've got the drive to read up on all this kind of stuff and increase my own "database". I've been gathering all this information for years, ever since I was about 14 years old. That's how long I've struggled with my self image, that's how long I've wanted to change my life around. Why didn't I do it when I was 14? Well, plenty of reasons but some of them are so personal that I'd rather not get into all of that. I also lacked the determination to do it back then.

Even though I'm still about 10-15kg off my target weight, the healthy lifestyle has definitely come to stay. And if I can be an example to people at the start of their journey, literally anyone can do the same. I'm not in the best health with my back condition and I've managed to lose a lot of weight with sensible eating choices and regular exercise. If I can, anyone can.

I just find it so satisfying to be able to help people with this kind of stuff. And if I can actually do it for a living, even better! I have considered studying nutrition and/or sports science for a while (and even becoming a PT), but only time will tell what happens. It's still such a "new" passion for me that I don't just want to dive right into it, give it a year or two to mature up a bit. I do also want to focus on what I have set my mind on, and that is the graphics design course I've signed up for (eek, it starts next week!). Maybe one day I'll combine the two somehow? Who knows. :)

I'm also a big supporter of medical research. You can't always be in control of your own health, and I have watched it happen to someone in the family. For the first time ever I've donated money to biomedial research and I feel fantastic about it. Myalgic encephalomyelitis or in common terms, chronic fatigue syndrome is still quite an unknown condition and if my contribution to their research means that scientists are able to figure out what causes it and how to treat it, fantastic! It has been very heart breaking to watch a close family member suffer with the condition on a daily basis and I really do hope they figure out a treatment very soon.

Anyways, time for me to stop procrastinating and dig into my uni tasks. ;) Nearly done, proud of myself for sticking to my schedule! Have a wonderful day everyone, go enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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