First day with UP + home workout

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Let's start this post with a nice little update: the silly 900g gain yesterday is all gone already, which just proves my theory of my body just being in a bit of a shock from the increased amount of exercise. :)

Right. I'm getting on with my UP really nicely already. It's barely noticable when you're getting on with your business (apart from when typing on the computer as you do need to rest your wrist on the desk) and didn't have any issues with it last night when I was trying to settle down and sleep. Unfortunately I had to wait until 6pm to sync my data with the app as my other half was working all day, but here's the stats from last night and today!

  • Total of 8hr 38min in bed
  • Fell asleep in 16min
  • Light sleep 4hr 50min
  • Deep sleep 3hr 32min
  • According to UP I didn't wake up at all during the night, but I do remember doing so a few times
  • Didn't get to test the alarm system as I kept waking up all morning :D

And by 6pm I had done 7,841 steps. :) I went for a short walk in the afternoon and done a bit of housework around the house. Hitting 10k is a lot easier than you'd think! I bet a lot of people just see a big number and think that there's no way you can reach it, but it only really takes roughly an hour of walking and then doing stuff around the house.

Today was meant to be a gym day but my other half had quite a long day at work and lots of driving there and back so we decided to postpone gymming til tomorrow evening. I did kinda see it coming so I planned a quick leg workout for myself. Just a simple, basic workout with dumbbells for some extra resistance. The workout itself was about 15 minutes, but I got insane burn in my legs in that time. Didn't want a long workout anyways at it was getting quite late.

And just to test out my new camera's video function, here's screen caps of my workout! :) I probably won't be doing a lot of this at the gym as I do feel a bit silly taking pictures / video of myself in front of people but I'll post my home workouts on my blog whenever I happen to do them. Blurry images but can't do much about it as they are just still images of the video. :p And no tripod yet so had to rely on a drawer, will have a better angle for future snaps.

1. Squat and press

2. Forward lunge with bicep curls (with godawful form, too hunched forward!)

3. Step ups with dumbbells

4. Static squat

I've also been thinking about my goals today. I bumped into a thread on MMO-Champion (yes, a gaming site has an entire forum for working out!) about personal fitness related goals. Mine is still very clear to me - I want to drop at least another 10kg (to get to my "dream" weight I'd need to lose 15kg but we'll see what I look like after 10) and gain lean muscle. I can already feel a lot of muscle when I run my hands down my thighs for example, but I've still got quite a big amount of body fat on top of it all so of course they won't show. I'm probably able to lose about 5-7kg by mid November and then I will need to slow down a lot because of my operation and the long recovery period. Just hoping that I won't gain a lot during recovery. Better not let that stress me just yet, though. :)

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  1. very good work out..hope you are working hard to reduce your weight..nice post along with the images.