Feeling fit!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yup, despite having a terrible weigh in this morning, I didn't let that stop me at the gym. On the contrary, I pushed myself even more. Spent about an hour at the gym today, had a leg day today! Quick warmup on the treadmill (3min walk - 5min job - 2min walk) followed by two different leg machines, a quick ab set, squats, backwards lunges and stepper to finish it all off. My heart rate absolutely sky rocketed on the stepper, I hit 190 at some point.

It was wonderfully quiet at the gym as well! Barely anyone there, was very nice to be able to do your sets without thinking that somebody is waiting to get on the machines and so on. Also managed to snap this picture during my cooldown, my (very blurry) other half in the background. :) I find it so incredibly important to stretch properly after doing a workout, I just end up being stupidly sore the next day if I don't.

It's been such a pleasant day in other ways, too. :) We had some family around and I got a chance to take pictures of all five dogs of the family again. I can't say it enough, photographing animals is such a rewarding thing to do. You can't tell a dog to pose or sit still, you're forced to think very quick and be ready with the camera or the moment is gone.

Other than that, a very lovely sunny day paired up with delicious dinner (lasagne, garlic bread, peas & sweetcorn mix and salad). Somewhat spending the rest of the night in a food coma. :D 

I was browsing through some oldish pictures of myself last night and I was really quite amazed how much I've changed since start of June. I was comparing the pictures to the ones I took yesterday, but for the fun of it decided to wear the same clothes and took new pics to compare with! The biggest difference is definitely in my side profile, my posture is better and my entire lower body just seems a bit more.. muscular. Very happy with such a big change in only two months! 

Picture on the left is from June, one on the right from today.

Things like this make a crap weigh in feel that little bit more insignificant. ;)

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