Fantastic gym day

Friday, August 02, 2013

It has been a very workout filled day! I can definitely get used to a schedule like this. ;) Of course today's routine is more a one off thing than something I'll be doing more often.

A very quick lunch before heading out today.

I was meant to have a PT session at the gym last night, but due to a medical emergency my PT had to rebook me for today. I didn't really mind, I just had to replan my evening's workout so I don't absolutely kill myself. My normal schedule will look like this (gym days have been agreed with my other half when we signed up):

Monday: out of gym cardio
Tuesday: gym
Wednesday: pilates
Thursday: rest
Friday: gym
Saturday: out of gym cardio
Sunday: rest

But yeah, about the PT session! I spent 20 minutes cycling to and from gym again, the weather was absolutely miserable before I left (we actually had a thunderstorm this morning), it kept raining on and off so I was quite worried that I'd get absolutely soaked on the way to the gym. Thankfully the rain stopped for the 20 minutes I was out so it's all good!

My PT is such a firecracker, she's got such an amazing way of motivating her clients and I really enjoyed working out with her. I'm not gonna go too much into detail, but it was a very core focused workout. It's given me a very good base to work with, I'm a lot more comfortable with all the machines now and know what kind of weights to start with. I also got a very nice compliment from her, she said I'm a natural with weights and my technique is spot on.

She helped me with some stretching and she was simply amazed of how flexible I am. It became more and more apparent as we went along, she did also point out that I might have loose joints (which would make a lot of sense with my back). That gives me even more reason to train with weights, as it makes everything that little bit tighter and may prevent discolations and such.

Post workout snack - toast with peanut butter and banana and a handful of walnuts.

I've decided to have a one hour session with her about once a month just to check where I'm at and to make sure my technique's still in check. I will no doubt bump into her at the gym every week, but I really want that one-on-one time with her every now and then. It'll also keep me focused until then, it's nice to go back to a PT and show them how much you've developed. :)

I focused my evening workout on cardio. A quick warmup on the treadmill and after that I just went nuts on the stepper. I absolutely love that machine, I was able to go on for half an hour without any kinds of pain. Towards the end I was slightly aware of my back but nothing major so was extremely happy with how well it all went. :) Finished off with a bit of core work and lots of stretching so I'm not completely handicapped in the morning.

And just to make myself feel even better today, here's a comment from a friend who I don't speak to that often anymore. :) I never even realised he reads my blog so the positive feedback lifted my mood even more!
"I find it really admirable! You write very honestly, and open! I know ive not spoke to you in a while but i just wanted to encourage you a little further.. keep going because your life is changing for Awesome with the Op and Studies.. very cool! go you :)"
 Thank you, comments like this really keep me going. <3

And steak dinner to finish the day off. Yum.

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