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Sunday, August 04, 2013

As you probably have noticed by now, no weigh in! I kinda forgot that it's Sunday. Went downstairs, got some breakfast, came back upstairs and went "Oh balls, it's Sunday isn't it..". So yeah, this week's weigh in will be tomorrow. That's what you get when you're home most of the time, you just lose track of days. Can't wait for the start of uni, it'll finally bring some much wanted structure to my week.

Yesterday was a bit of good and a bit of bad. Let's start with the good bits, shall we? My hubby's grandad gave us a huge marrow (the veg, not bone marrow! :D) yesterday and it was down to me to cook something out of it. I ended up making this very delicious soup out of it. Simple ingredients, all you need is 2kg of marrow, a few potatoes, two carrots, two onions, 2 litres of water, two chicken stock cubes (I only had one, had to season the soup quite a bit because of it) and half a teaspoon of curry powder. Just peel and chop the veg, put in a big pan with all the other ingredients and cook until the veg are tender. Pour out most of the water before liquidizing or it'll just end up being very watery. I did add a bit of fresh basil in there for extra flavour. Very delicious and made enough soup for probably six people.

Right, and the bad bit. I don't use my blog to rage normally, but I was just so livid last night that I'm still feeling a bit angry. I went for a walk last night and on my way home this teenager decided that it's a good idea to grope me!! I was walking along a narrow pathway with a brick wall to my right and parked cars to my left, so very little room to give way. I saw this boy cycle towards me on the pathway and he seemed to have absolutely no intentions of slowing down or trying to get on the road to let me go past. When he was almost next to me, he stretched his arm out and as he cycled past just let his hand run all over me!! The entire situation just shocked me a bit, lucky for him... If I realised what was happening a split second before I could've grabbed his arm and dismount him off his bike. All he ended up getting from me was some verbal abuse, which really annoys me now. If I EVER run into him again, he won't be quite as lucky as last night. His face will say hello to the pavement.

It just really baffles me how people think that is appropriate in any way. I'm gonna sound very old now, but honestly, do kids nowadays have absolutely no respect towards people?! I really hope I do run into him again in all fairness, he will not get away with that again. Still contemplating if I should make him face the humiliation of me calling his parents or getting a criminal record for sexual harassment. Who knows how many girls he's violated like that?

Right, rant over. I made such a good decision by going for a walk in the morning, I got to see some donkeys! There's a handful of donkeys pretty much around the corner from us, but nine out of ten times when I walk past they're either not out or on the other side of the pasture so I don't get to say hello to them. I absolutely love animals so I was so happy that they were there! It's amazing how animals can lift your mood, I must've been grinning for the rest of the walk after petting donkeys for five minutes. :D Such curious little animals, they all just came up to me instantly when I walked up to the edge of their pasture.

It's nearly harvest time. Autumn is coming! In all fairness I've enjoyed this warm weather enough for another year, can't wait for the chilly autumn mornings and everything turning orange.

I bet I won't be saying that when I need to go out for a walk and it's raining.. :p

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