Dog shaped alarm clocks

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our younger dogs just love charging up to the bed in the mornings. They're just so incredibly happy when you wake up (or well, when they decide you should wake up) and go absolutely insane. One of them will just run around the bed, lick your face like there's no tomorrow and if you try to hide under a blanket, she will start digging furiously. The other one just literally flops on your face and starts rubbing his face against your cheeks and forehead. It is honestly quite a bizarre way of waking up. But then again, I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I really wanted to take a few pictures with the dogs, but from the dozens of pictures I took they all were either blurry with the dogs moving around like whirlwinds or just out of focus. :D So the only picture I approved was with Oakley looking like he wants nothing to do with me!

"Help, this crazy woman is trying to eat me!"

Anyways! Progress pic time! Very pleased, huge difference to a month ago. :)

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  1. Vau tosi hyvin tapahtunu muutosta! Voi kun löytäs itelleki motivaation jostain...

    1. Se on loppujen lopuks niin helppoa, ite vaan tuli noin vaan päätettyä että nyt loppuu mässäily. Kyllä siinä sit oma aikansa meni, että tottu siihen uuteen rytmiin ja elämäntyyliin, mutta nykysin tulee aina omatunnonpisto jos en käy kävelemässä joka päivä. :D