Defying the elements!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's been a good day today! Got up relatively early and headed out pretty much first thing this morning. We actually had an appointment with a mortgage advisor, just talking through our options and so on. :)

The other half also decided to treat me to lunch after our appointment so we went to Subway. I really fell in love with their mango chicken a while ago so went for that again on honey oat bread and a bunch of veg. While it's probably one of the "best" takeaways you could have, I did feel a small guilty sting after.

And that kinda brings us to the post title. I didn't want to end up just sitting indoors all day despite the weather being miserable outside, so I decided to defy the elements and go for a walk in the rain! I really want tomorrow's weigh in to be good and this walk definitely made me feel a bit better about myself. I know I've lost weight this week, I just want to make sure any possible water weight doesn't creep up because of lunch (yes, I'm getting that paranoid about it!!).

And it's handy to know that my waterproof makeup really is waterproof! No smears, no panda eyes, yay!

Oh and to add up to the happiness, I got a job interview! Perfect location, perfect hours. Fingers crossed.

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