Another non-scale victory! ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

I bought these shorts back in late April. I ordered them online so obviously had no idea if they'd fit me or not. And well, at the time they didn't. They'd go all the way up but I couldn't button them and the zip would stop about half way. However I didn't want to send them back because I really loved them and just kept thinking that "I'm losing weight. They'll fit me soon enough.". Well, I remembered them today and decided to try if they'd fit me now. And they did! They're still just a tiny bit tight around the waist, but they fit! I'm so chuffed, it's these little things that keep me going. :) I think the main reason I bought these was so I can show off my calves, hah! It was actually a bit of a struggle to take these off!

Now all I need is an excuse to go out so I can wear these with heels and some nice top! ;D

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