Another injury

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I've been so preoccupied talking about bigger things on my blog that my actual day to day stuff has been pushed aside a bit. But now, time for a bit of rambling again.

Another injury, yay. Just because my ankles playing up in May wasn't enough to screw up my progress, now my knee has done itself in! It actually happened on Tuesday, I just simply knelt down on the floor to wrestle with out dogs and I just felt something pop in my left knee. Ever since it's been a real task to straighten my leg, I keep getting nasty little stings when I walk and I've just ended up chair bound most of the time. Really not what I want to be doing right now!! I feel like I'm slacking and like I'm just using a small injury as an excuse to not exercise. I know that's not the case, I need to rest my knee or I'll just damage it even further, but it's really annoying me. I'm so into my workouts right now that having to skip gym is just awful.

I will probably end up doing a small arm workout to compensate, though. I want to do SOMETHING! Just sitting down, doing some simple stuff like bicep curls and shoulder presses, just to get the calorie burn going.

With my potentially low calorie in mind I kept lunch pretty light. I cubed some baby potatoes and green peppers, sliced carrots and threw it all on the pan to fry in a little olive oil. Once that was done I threw in two salmon fillets, seasoned and added some sweet chilli sauce. I called it a very posh pytt i panna (a Swedish potato & sausage dish) as it did quite look like it but with a more fancy meat on the side.

And being all proud and happy about a light lunch, we then ended up having a bad dinner. Naughty us! We had to pop out for something and on the way back we started talking about what to have for dinner, I had a "bright" idea of going for KFC as it was on the way. I originally just wanted a Krushem but we thought that might as well have dinner so I don't need to stand in the kitchen and cook with my knee being what it is. While the sodium load was quite massive (just with that meal I've eaten nearly 90% of my sodium intake for the day), I've still kept my calories on target - currently I'm at 1100 (with my total calorie burn for today being at 1280 right now). I'm still going to eat something small during the evening just to get over 1200.

Time to start thinking what kind of a workout to do then!

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