WI 29: STS + progress check

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm so happy about the weigh in... :D I was expecting a huge gain, various things just made it so difficult to eat right and exercise last week. In fact, my activity was next to none for several reasons. The weather turned god awful on Tuesday, it was rainy and windy and miserable pretty much for the rest of the week. I also had plenty of issues with my back because of the bed I was sleeping in, I woke up feeling sore and very delicate every morning.

But anyways, no gain or no loss. Would've liked to drop a bit but not too upset seeing I was more than well fed all last week. :p

And progress! Very slow month, only dropped 400g during the month and I barely lost anything all around. I can't really say I've hit a plateau, since my recent WI's have been quite awful. I just need that little bit more self control from now on.

Arms: 32,5cm (32,5cm)
Bust: 99m (99,5cm)
Waist: 74,5cm (75cm)
Belly: 95,5cm (95,5cm)
Thighs: 58cm (59,5cm)
Weight: 75,8kg (76,2kg)

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