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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Right, this post is going to be full of other people's pictures as these are things I've never had the chance to go and see. :) Please note that I do not own these pictures, all the copyright details will be at the end of the post.

These are the competetive sports I'd love to do once I'm out of surgery, fully recovered and done losing weight. At the moment they're just all dreams and plans, we'll see if any of these things will ever materialise.

Roller derby

I used to watch this TV show Rollergirls a few years back and I got into the idea of roller derby straight away. I don't quite have a single reason why I liked the thought of it - just the adrenaline rush, an all girl sport and the outfits just made me go "wow". And I've never been scared of getting bruised (growing up on a farm, always climbing in trees etc).

Pole dancing (not the slutty strip club kind!)

I have so much respect for these women. The control they have over their bodies, their flexibility and grace is just so admirable.. I'd say Oona Kivelä, the World Champion of poledancing is my inspiration with all this. Just look at that. She has incredibly amounts of strength without looking like the Hulk. How can you not want to be able to do stuff like that?

And of course this is a highly sexy sport.

Bikini fitness

The only downside to bikini fitness is the fact that so many girls get fake boobs. I understand that you do lose your chest when you try to get rid of all your bodyfat, but I just dislike the look of fake boobs when you can tell that they're fake. You just can't hide the edges of the implants when there's next to no fat on your body. But out of all the fitness categories I feel like bikini fitness would be my thing, as I don't really want to have visible muscles. I'm aiming more towards having lean muscle.

I'm so glad I've got something to work towards. I haven't quite decided what I want to do or if I even get to do any of this on a professional level. Only time will tell.

Mike Rowe (licence)
Alex Thompson (licence)
Marko Vallius (licence)

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