Target jeans - check

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A lot of women seem to have those "target jeans" in their wardrobe. Those amazing jeans that used to fit perfectly, you looked amazing in them and so on. I did actually grab a pair of jeans with me from Finland when I was going through some of our outside storage buildings. Last time I wore these jeans was 2009, they were by far my favourite jeans but as it happens, I got too big for them! :D I'm quite glad my mum is such a magpie at times, they were still there, just sitting in a plastic bag.

I tried them on the other day, they actually go all the way up but are just a bit too tight and I can't button them. I'm gonna set myself a goal with them - by mid November I want to be able to fit them.

I'm also losing track of my rest days lately! And in a way I do also feel very lazy if I do have a rest day, I know I should have them but I just feel incredibly guilty if I do. Determined to have tomorrow off from exercise, though. I want to give my muscles a break before getting tortured by a PT on Tuesday. :D

Food wise it's been the usual really. Fishfingers with some pasta and peas & sweetcorn for lunch and just waiting for a lovely chicken roast to cook. :) We haven't actually had roast dinners in ages, I don't really even miss them as it never was a part of the Finnish food culture. I do love them, though. All the veg and delicious roast chicken, a bit of mint sauce (yes, mint with chicken!) and yorkshires. Lovely.

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