Surgery date in the books

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Most exciting news in a while! Went to see my surgeon this morning (yay for 6.30am start) to pick a date for my fusion. 13th November it is. He went through the operation with me, explaining what goes where and what kind of a scar I will have. It'll be quite a big one, about 15cm or so. Thankfully it'll run along my spine instead of being on my stomach or on the side, so I'm sure I won't even notice the scar at all.

The most amusing thing about today was when the surgeon was explaining the op was him saying ".. and we will place these plastic cages where your discs USED TO be..". So what he's saying is that I have very little or no discs left around the slip. No wonder I'm sore. :D

Anyways, since there's still quite a way to the operation, I've decided to sign up for a gym membership at the local Fitness First with my other half. He's been talking about going to the gym for ages but I've kinda been umming and arring about it because of my back. Thankfully Fitness First offers some PT sessions when you sign up, so hopefully I will be able to talk with a PT and come up with a fitness plan so I don't hurt myself.

My lunch and dinner on Monday.


The workout front has been very quiet otherwise, mainly because of the weather. It's just so hot during the day that I don't want to go out for more than half an hour and four nights out of seven I can't go out when it's reasonably cool (in the evenings). Even today was just a quick spin around a field around the corner, took me 20 minutes or so. It's just not pleasant having to walk under the searing heat of the sun, especially when I don't really have proper exercise clothes for this kind of weather. I'm actually down to one pair of decent exercise trousers, need to do some retail therapy and buy more.. :D

But yeah, the blog will start turning into a workout blog soon! I'm so very excited about the gym, I can start working out properly and attend all kinds of classes they offer. Mainly looking at pilates and yoga, everyone keeps telling me how good they are if you've got any back problems. Can't wait!

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  1. I hope that it's a small plate you are using when you eat, because otherwise that's a huge amount of pasta for one meal and one person.

    But to cut the negativities, I'll have to say that I'm hooked. I love your style to express yourself and it's fascinating to follow your journey towards a slimmer body. I've been following your blog since the beginning and hope that you have the time to continue writing for our pleasure!

    1. Haha you know, I was looking at my plate on Monday and going "good lord that looks like a lot of pasta.." :D It's only roughly 75g of pasta (dry weight), the bolognese and the shape of the plate just made it spread to one thin layer and made it look like a portion big enough for a small family!

      I'm so glad you like my blog! Gives a motivation boost to keep writing. :) x