Shopping day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yay girly stuff today! I do shopping very rarely so a bit of retail therapy was very needed. I ordered a gym bag, some sports bras and workout trousers & shorts. I'll show them off once they arrive, hopefully I'll get them before Tuesday. More about that in a bit. ;)

I also ordered myself a Jawbone UP today. I've wanted something like this for a very long time and was reading into all these kinds of fitness bracelets when I was in Finland. The Jawbone one seemed to be most suited for my own needs, as the sleep tracker on it seemed to be the most detailed and advanced. I struggle with my sleep quite often, so it'll be so handy to know how much I actually sleep during the night. I will do a nice, extensive review of this bracelet once I've been using for a while. ^^

I spent my lunch with my friend today. We marched into Boots to get some food (two meal deals for £5, amazing offer in my opinion!) and walked across town to the beach. It was incredibly busy for a Friday afternoon, wasn't quite expecting that in all fairness! Was a lovely day so didn't mind it as much, was just nice to sit down and relax for a bit with some good food and good company. :)

I also decided to spoil myself a bit and buy hair colour. Funny thing, two months ago I bought the same colour as I got today (so a cold, dark brown colour) and over the past two months it has faded to this gingerish shade. I don't really mind ginger hair, but right now it's not the look I'm going for so wanted to cover it up.

Anyways, about Tuesday! We finally got around to signing up to Fitness First earlier today and we are going there for our first workout on Tuesday evening. Or well, it'll most likely be just induction (going through equipment etc) and me talking with a personal trainer about my back, but you've got to start somewhere right? :) I will definitely start taking advantage of the free classes right from the beginning.

I was a bit unsure about dinner tonight. We've had this pack of diced beef in our freezer for quite a while now and every now and then I pick it up, stare at it for a while and put it back because I just can't figure out what to cook with it. I ended up making this beef "stew" (by no means a real stew, but the consistency was close enough :D) with potatoes, beef, tinned tomatoes, baked beans and garlic. Seasoned it with salt, pepper, paprika and rosemary and let it simmer in a pan for a good half an hour. It turned out very nice, was a very hearty meal that would fit autumn / winter a bit more than a boiling hot summer's day. Oh well, it was delicious either way.

And the rest of the night will be spent just chilling. I might go for a walk after the sun goes down, but for now I'll be perfectly happy with just sitting here with a full belly.

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