New exercise clothes!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm so glad all this stuff arrived today! I will go through all the stuff I've bought and then hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have pictures where I'm wearing the stuff so you get a better idea of everything.

It's gonna be a very USA Pro heavy post, please do remember that this is just my own preference in exercise clothing and I am not gaining anything from the company. :)

USA Pro Ladies Across Body Bag

I wasn't expecting this to be quite as big as it is! It can easily fit a big towel, trainers, a water bottle and clean clothes in it. Both logos are reflectors, the fabric feels waterproof and there's two small pockets (one outside, one inside) for personal items. The "backside" of the bag is padded to give extra comfort while carrying it.

Longsdale Crop Top

I've actually got three of these already in pink, navy and black. Very comfortable, proper support and unlike the Longsdale Sports Bras, these aren't low cut (so everything stays in place properly..). I love it that they come in such a wide variety of colours, not that I'm gonna match my clothes that carefully but the colours just make it all a bit more fun. :D

USA Pro Yoga Shorts

I've really struggled when it's been hot outside and I've had to wear long trousers. To remedy that I ordered these and the shorts below. Quite a snug fit, fabric feels very nice and they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Unlike all my other exercise trousers, these are a mix of nylon and polyester (the usual exercise trousers are polyester).


LA Gear Cycle Shorts

Same as above, bought these to make walking in the hot weather a bit more comfortable. Not much to say, the elastic band around the waist did crackle loads when I stretched it, though. Don't know if it was just because the elastic band hasn't been touched for a while or if I was a bit too rough with them.

USA Pro Tight Pants

They really are tight!!  And maybe an inch too long for me, being a midget. They do wonders to your legs and bum, though. Like with the other USA Pro trousers, there's a small pouch on the waistband for a key. I find this incredibly useful as you don't have actual pockets in the trousers. Both the USA Pro logo and the flowers on the legs are reflectors. Only time will tell how well they actually reflect light.

USA Pro Three Quarter Leggings

I've already got these in gray so I know these are wonderful, they are very comfortable to wear and I just love these bright colours! They have changed the waistband, though. The little mesh looking bit doesn't really stretch, which makes it quite challenging to pull these all the way up. They're not actually tight when they're properly on, you just need to wiggle a bit to pull them over the... curvier bits. :p And just like with the full length ones, these have that small pouch for a key on the waistband.

 All this is available from Sports Direct.

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  1. Osaatko auttaa mua yhteen sports directiin liittyvän ongelman kanssa? En nimittäin pysty sivuilla maksamaan paypalilla, enkä visa electronilla vaikka muilla nettikauppojen sivuilla toiminut molemmat moitteettomasti. ):

    1. Korttien kanssa maksettaessa on oltava tosi tarkkana nimien ja osotteiden kanssa, sen pitää olla täsmälleen sama kun mitä sulla lukee siinä kortissa ja tiliotteissa. :) Esimerkiks mun kortissa lukee Miss P M B********, eli etunimeks mun pitää laittaa toi koko Miss P M. Toivottavasti tämä auttaa!

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