Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's too hot! I know I really shouldn't complain because the English summer isn't that long, but still! Our office is like a furnace - small room with two computers and a TV that heats up (it's like a radiator..) + the sun heating up two outer walls all day. Ooft!

I've been doing low carb since Sunday. In the end it's quite simple, just lots of veg with any variety of meat I fancy at the time. I am running out of veg to use though! Need to pop to the shop around the corner tomorrow when I go walking, I'm just going through all of it so quickly now. I do quite like just eating salads at the moment though, I really don't like the thought of slaving away in the kitchen in this heat. Just stick some meat under the grill / in the oven, make a salad and that's it, minimum effort.

Today I had some premium beef burgers with roast peppers (with tons of garlic), cucumber and beetroots for lunch. The dressing on top is ranch dressing. And for dinner I cooked fajitas for everyone, I did end up eating them with the tortilla wraps though. 

I've noticed how I wait til late evening before stepping out of the house. If I can, I delay my walk until about 8pm. It's just so much nicer to go out when the sun isn't melting your flesh and there's less people around. And I got lucky with the tide being down as well, walking on the soft sand is absolutely wonderful. I really want to walk from end to end of this strip of beach one night when the tide is down, but I'd need to time it perfectly so I'd have enough time to do so.

Oh and on a more positive note, water weight has worked it's way out of me again. I really need to stop doing it to myself though, it really annoys me to see the water buildup every Sunday. I know exactly how it happens and I still do it. Stupid girl.

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