I officially love omelettes

Thursday, July 04, 2013

I've never been a huge fan of eggs. They're ok scrambled (with milk) and fried, but I never go for egg sandwiches and stuff like that. I've always avoided omelettes as well - please don't ask me why, I have no clue.

Right. I love watching cooking shows as I get so many good ideas from them. ITV has this show called Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel and they made a fluffy omelette the other day. Ever since watching the show I've wanted to try the recipe. It's incredibly simple, all you need is two eggs, parmesan, salt & pepper and any filling of your choice. I used a small chorizo and lots of salad.

So this is what it looks like before mixing it all up. You just whisk up the egg whites in a separate bowl until they're so stiff that you can flip the bowl around and the fluff stays still, mix the parmesan and yolks in a separate dish and carefully fold the paste in with the egg whites. Pour the mix on a hot pan and fry like a normal omelette. They grilled the top of the omelette on the show but I wasn't sure if my pan is grill safe so just flipped the omelette in the pan and it turned out fine. Before flipping do add salt and pepper though. :)

The omelette cooks very fast, it only takes a few minutes per side. I then moved the omelette to a plate, quickly fried the chorizo for a few minutes and put it all together. The chorizo gave the omelette amazing contrast and the refreshing salad on the side balanced it all out perfectly. What a wonderful and filling lunch.

And for people interested, the original recipe can be found here. This is definitely going to be something I'll cook often, it's so simple and quick to make. And loaded in protein. Yum.

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