Happy days

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I love days like today. It really takes a while for a person to notice their weight loss, in fact it wasn't long ago when I even mentioned it in the blog (the video post). Well that's finally changed! I happened to walk past a mirror after I took a shower this morning and for the first time I just went "Oh my god I can see the difference!" to myself. It really made my day start off brilliantly, still in a really good mood about it.

Lunch was a nice mix of my favourite things. Pasta, salmon, sweetcorn, peas, beetroot and a bit of grated parmesan. Very simple, very quick to make and really healthy (pasta was wholewheat + a small handful of normal pasta to top it up, didn't have enough wholewheat pasta in the cupboards! :( ).

I really like the top I was wearing today. However, it is slightly seethrough so I need to wear another top under it. HUGE mistake... It turned out to be very hot outside despite it not really looking like it (lots of clouds when I left, windy etc..) so wearing two tops really made me sweat like a little pig. And I couldn't really take the pink top off and just finish my walk in the white top as it's slightly seethrough as well (as in, you could see my pink sports bra through it and bras showing through tops is something I can't stand). Need to buy a skin coloured sports bra so I get rid of that problem.. :D

The beach is full of these smooth, black stones. I love collecting them and making little piles and shapes out of them when I'm enjoying the sun.

I love it how worried Coco looks here. She's like "I've been good uncle Zak, I promise!

I can never get fed up with the fact of how wonderful dogs are. They are always so happy to see me come home, doesn't matter if I'm out for 10 minutes or all day. I always have three happy dog faces greeting me when I come home. Especially the younger ones just split in half because they're so happy that someone's home.

I was talking to a friend about my weight loss so far and how much I've still got to lose. He was so impressed that I've lost 8kg already, to me it's always been "oh I'm slow, couldv'e done better". In all fairness I am more than happy with what I've managed to achieve so far and will be over the moon if I manage to drop another 8kg by the end of the year. :) That'd bring me below 70kg, can't even remember the last time I've been below that number.

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