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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I feel amazing. I'm so glad I signed up.

I kinda wanted to make a post last night after our first trip to the gym, but I didn't really do much. The initial signing up process took about 15 minutes, getting the membership cards active and so on. Small tour around the gym and after that I met up with my lovely PT, Elaine. We only had 30 minutes yesterday so we just basically spoke about what my goals are, what my diet is like and how my back affects me.

After our quick meetup I met up with my other half who was getting right into it. He's been a member of FF before so he knew how everything works and so on so I just ended up shadowing him for another 20 minutes. I joined him on the treadmills for his cooldown, I just messed about for 10 minutes while he jogged.

Right, today! I have a feeling I won't be able to move tomorrow after everything I've done today! :D I'm also trying to get into the habit of eating breakfast, the fuel from it was very needed today at least.. (no, I'm not a Southampton fan before someone asks... :p) Had zero idea of the sugar content of the yoghurt this morning but I'm sure it won't kill me if it had a bit more than I wanted.

As the gym isn't too far away from where we live, I decided to be proactive and cycle to the gym. In hindsight, I probably should've taken the bus. Sure, it's the lazy way but the traffic was an absolute nightmare and it ended up taking me nearly just as long cycling there as it would if I took the bus. Curses.

Anyways! My routine today looked like this:
Cycling to gym, 25 minutes
Pilates, one hour
PT session, 30 minutes
Jog, 10 minutes
Cycling home, 20 minutes

Pilates in one word: amazing. A lot of people seem to think that it's just stretching and listening to soothing music for an hour, but it's so much more. Even if you're not using weights, you constantly use your own body weight as resistance and you suck in your bellybutton to keep your core engaged the entire time. Definitely something I'll keep doing every week, such a fantastic form of exercise for my back.

The PT session was mainly filled with going through all the equipment to get me comfortable with it, all with a few reps just to see what kind of weight and resistance I'm OK with to start. Booked a full workout session with her for tomorrow evening to get started properly.

Oh my god the jogging! I have always wanted to jog / run to keep myself fit but it's way too high impact for my back so it really starts to hurt after a few minutes. But having a low impact machine for it.. I'm in heaven. Ten minutes straight with no pain whatsoever. I didn't want to stop!!

I was absolutely soaking wet by the time I stopped. I don't understand how some girls can come to the gym in full makeup and not smudge it! I'd definitely have it all over my cheeks..

Anyways, time to enjoy this well deserved cup of coffee. ;)

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  1. Saankohan satikutia, kun kommentoin suomeksi :D Hehee. Mut todella kiva blogi, vaikka ymmärränkin aika hyvin lontoota, lukisin ennemmin suomeksi ja saisin varmasti itekki inspiraatiota tästä. Mutta ymmärrän kyllä, miksi kirjotat englanniksi :) Ulkoasu on oikeesti tosi jees, tykkään paljon! Tsemiä treeneihin ja mukavaa tulevaa syksyä :) (Vai miten siellä menee ne vuodenajat, en oo kovin perehtyny :D)

    1. Hih, ei haittaa mitään! :D Kiitoksia paljon, syksy täälläkin on hireetä vauhtia tulossa (jee vesisateita..). Onneks on nyt salijäsenyys ni pääsee huonoa keliä karkuun sisätiloihin kun on tarve.

  2. Kirjoitat hauskasti ja vaikka tekstisi onkin vieraalla kielellä, sitä on helppo lukea! :) Kuvat on kivoja ja oonkin tässä blogissa vierallut jo useamman kerran. Miks kirjotat englanniksi? Ihan muuten vaan vai onko sille joku syvällisempi merkitys? :)

    1. Kiitos! Kirjotan englanniksi ihan sen takia, että noin 90% mun kavereista puhuu muita kieliä kun suomea. :D Ja mun mies on englantilainen + oon asunu Englannissa nyt kolmisen vuotta.

    2. Ahaaaa, no se selittääkin sen sit :D muistelinkin et asut briteis mut en jaksanu selvittää sitä sit paremmin... laiskaminä :D