First BBQ of the summer!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Right, let's get this request out of the way first. I got a very nice comment about my calves on this post and he also requested me to take some pics of me flexing my calves. Well, I thought that it's a good time to get some progress pics going at the same time!

The pics on the left were taken 5th of May, so there's a good few months between. As I have been staying clear of doing high impact workouts, the muscle growth isn't massive, especially in my arms. I'm more tanned than anything else haha (and of course my legs are still as pale as a dead chicken, I just don't tan down there...!)! Oh and I really miss being a redhead, can see the pink hair in those arm pictures. *sob*

In other news, today has been a lot about food. It was definitely what I needed, got some bad news today and I just wanted to block it all out and spend some time with the family. The sun was out, dogs were messing about in the garden and the smell of grilled meat filled the house and the garden. Absolutely delightful.

It would be rude to say no to Pimm's on a day like this!

And this is what my plate looked like (kinda..)! A buger, a hot dog with a sweet chilli & pork sausage, fried onions and plenty of salad. I did go for seconds, I had two more burger patties, one sausage with the bun and a bit of tuna steak with salad and onions. I feel happily full now. And for pudding my mother in law made some very delicious gooseberry fool - funnily enough tasted more of rhubarb than gooseberry!

As the afternoon was spent worrying about various things, I only managed to go for a walk after dinner. I do think I made the right choice here, as it was nice and cool and very quiet. And the sunset was so beautiful. I'm so glad I take my phone with me everywhere, I would've missed this incredible shot of the sunset otherwise. The nature is such a wonderful thing.

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  1. Hi there!! Thanks for posting the pics! There's definitely a difference! You can see a bit more definition! You arms aren't too bad either!! I hope my request wasn't too weird for you, lol!!

    1. Oh wasn't weird at all! I'm glad people take interest, I probably wouldn't post as much progress pics if it didn't interest people so much. ^^

  2. Vautsi noita sun jalkoja ! Miten sä treenaat, et oot saanut tollaista tulosta? Tosi upeet sääret +++

    1. Kiitos! Mulla ei oo varsinaisesti sellasta tehotreeniä mun jaloille, tein monta kuukautta Jillian Michaelsin erilaisia treeni-DVDitä (30 Day Shred & Body Revolution) jossa oli tosi paljon erilaisia liikkeitä mitkä vaikutti just pohkeisiin.

      Nyt sit salilla teen tosi perussettiä jaloille. Teen laitteella calf pressiä ja varpaillenousua, muuten en varsinaisesti tee mitään pohjeliikkeitä jalkatreenin aikana. Käytän myös crossaria ja kävelen todella paljon.

      Se taitaa olla kans vähän mun geeneissä, serkku nauro että hänellä on ihan samalaiset pohkeet vaikka ei hirveesti niitä treenais. :D